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New contempt of court complaints against anti-mask figure Mario Roy

The Quebec Bar has just filed a new series of grievances to fuel its contempt of court complaint against Mario Roy, the leader of the anti-mask movement who is leading an astonishing crusade to arrest François Legault and Horacio Arruda for “high treason”.

Tristan Péloquin
Tristan Péloquin

Mr. Roy has been in the sights of the professional order of lawyers for several months. The bar trustee accuses him of illegally practicing the profession of lawyer without having the skills, by multiplying the legal opinions given to tens of thousands of people who follow his Facebook page.

An order of Judge Jean-Guy Dubois pronounced in May 2018 formally forbids him “to act in such a way as to give reason to believe” that he is authorized to do legal acts reserved for lawyers. The anti-mask leader refuses to comply, however, and regularly urges his audience to challenge government health decrees by claiming they are illegal. The Bar itself admits experiencing “great difficulty in enforcing the law and court orders that Mario Roy violates through his Facebook pages.” ”

On Friday, Mr. Roy appeared at the Montreal courthouse to obtain the postponement of proceedings in a contempt of court case he faces, in connection with his alleged violations of Judge Dubois’ order. .

Claiming that his wife’s cat fell on his computer and damaged it, which deprived her of access to the software necessary to write his request, he asked for a delay until January. The Bar did not oppose it.

The Bar accuses him, in a new series of grievances filed this week, for having released a video in which he claims to have created “jurisprudence” in matters of citizen arrests. He says he knows “the way to proceed” to arrest citizens, but also judges and lawyers against whom he believes there is “evidence” of corruption. “I officially have the right [de faire des arrestations citoyennes]. And you officially have the right, if you have an evidentiary record of the crimes committed, ”he said on Facebook.

He also encouraged traders to open their businesses since, according to him, the tickets given by the authorities “are not valid. »« There is not a policeman who will give you a ticket. If he gives you one, it’s not worth anything, ”says Roy.

Mr. Roy claims to have “evidence” that the Direction de la protection de la jeunesse is a “child abduction network” of which the Bar is “an accomplice”, but that the media refuse to listen to.

He has already been declared a quarrelsome litigant in the Court of Quebec, but continues to bring various actions in the Superior Court, where he does not have this status reserved for individuals who multiply frivolous or unfounded proceedings. He has also already been found guilty of contempt of court for a first series of violations of Judge Dubois’ orders, but has not received any sanction to date.

Since the start of the pandemic, he has been one of the most important leaders of the anti-mask movement. On November 14, he organized a large convoy of vehicles to the National Assembly, at the beginning of which he was arrested by the Longueuil police for intimidation and threats against a hooded anti-conspiracy protester who was photographing the participants. Mr. Roy attempted to carry out the citizen arrest of the demonstrator, whom he accuses of having committed an “attempted murder” by backing up towards him with his vehicle. The Longueuil Police confirm that there was never any contact between the vehicle and Mr. Roy, who was released shortly after the incident. He was later fined during a protest outside the National Assembly, where he and other participants refused to wear the mask and keep a distance of 2 meters. Mr. Roy said he was “happy” to have received a ticket, and says he will challenge it by having François Legault and Horacio Arruda testify in court for the “crimes” they committed.

He is the figurehead of a more radical wing of the protest movement, which split in two after Mr. Roy accused the Foundation for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms of Quebec, and its president, Stéphane Blais, to “spend like a moron” nearly $ 500,000 raised in public donations. This foundation was created to bring civil actions against the government and its health measures. Constitutional lawyer Guy Bertrand, who drafted an appeal on his behalf, dissociated himself from the organization by asserting that its representatives made “false statements” which mislead the population.

The two factions of the anti-mask movement concluded a truce last week. Mario Roy and Stéphane Blais announced on Facebook that the Mr. Blais Foundation will now be content to pursue civil actions against the government, while Mr. Roy’s organization will take care of the so-called “criminal component” of the appeals. targeting the government.

The Foundation for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms has promised to provide its lawyers to Mr. Mario to help him in his efforts. “We have the same objective as you to arrest these criminals,” Mr. Blais then announced.

Mr. Roy is organizing a new convoy of vehicles to the National Assembly this Saturday, and plans to hold BBQs in front of Horacio Arruda’s home to denounce the health measures.

– With the collaboration of Louis-Samuel Perron


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