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Fight for a majority in the US Senate: Runoff election in Georgia sets the trend for US politics

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Things will remain exciting in the US state of Georgia even after the 2020 US election. Two Senate seats decide on the majority in the US Congress.

  • After US election 2020 will also be the Senate election in Georgia exciting.
  • The four candidates Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue join the Runoff an.
  • The outcome of the choice decides on the majority in US-Senat.

Georgia – Even after that US election 2020, in which challenger Joe Biden prevailed against incumbent US President Donald Trump, it still remains exciting in one state. Georgia surprisingly became swing state in the election after being dominated by Republicans since 1996. Now, a few weeks after the election, media across the country are looking at Georgia again. The result of the Senate election in Georgia decides on the majority in the upper house of the US Congress and about the scope of action of Joe Biden.

In the 2020 US election, they won Democrats in Georgia many votes so that they could decide the election for themselves. In the Senate election nothing has yet been decided in the state. Two seats in the senate must be forgiven. There are two Democratic and two Republican candidates for election.

After the 2020 US Election: Georgia Runoff Election – Who Will Be Senator?

The runoff election, which has far-reaching consequences, is scheduled for the January 5, 2021. If the two democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are elected as new Senators, the Republicans lose their majority in the US-Kongress. The Democrats, who are currently 48:50 behind in the Senate, must definitely win both seats. For the Republicans, on the other hand, winning a seat passes through either Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue. In this case, the majority in the Senate would not change.

The fact that both Senate seats are awarded at the same time is thanks to the interplay of various factors. Usually the Senate elections in the States placed in such a way that they are offset by two or four years. The seat of the Republican Senator David Perdue was up for regular election after six years in office.

Georgia Senate: Runoff election of the four best qualified after the 2020 US election

The second seat in the senate was vacated prematurely in 2019 by the previous Republican incumbent, Senator Johnny Isakson, for health reasons. To US election 2020 in November the governor appointed the Republican Kelly Loeffler as successor. Now the by-election was due for the remainder of the original term of office until 2022.

The Suffrage of the ten-million-inhabitant federal state did the rest. That law states that by-elections are not preceded by area codes. All candidates stood for election, now the will follow in January Runoff of the four best qualified. The election campaign, the otherwise unpopular runoff election, will probably be tough. According to the Washington Post both sides invested up to $ 500 million in the election campaign. After all, there is nothing less than the political direction of the USA on the game. (Luisa Ebbrecht)

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