Sunday, February 28

Doubts about the efficacy of AstraZeneca’s vaccine which will be the subject of an additional study

Doubts are expressed about the effectiveness of the anti-Covid vaccine developed by the British laboratory AstraZeneca with the University of Oxford.

Dosage deviations

Judged to be 70% effective after preliminary tests carried out on a large scale, this vaccine will be the subject of an additional study due to differences in results linked to differences in dosages.

Virologist Chris Smith explains: “Initially, all volunteers should have received two high doses of the vaccine, but some only received half a dose. This is not a problem in itself if it is to determine if a vaccine is safe or if it works. In fact, they found that people who received the lower dose of the vaccine responded significantly better than those who received two large doses. If these results are confirmed, that it’s not just a statistical problem, it could mean that the vaccine goes much further than we had originally anticipated. But at the same time, this data has undermined public confidence. people are already worried that these vaccines are produced very quickly, based on research that has only lasted ten months, compared to ten years normally. So there is some hesitation about these vaccines. ”

Astrazeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna…

AstraZeneca hopes to quickly obtain the results of its complementary study to prove the effectiveness of its vaccine and thus launch the manufacture of three billion doses for a marketing expected in early 2021.

Besides AstraZeneca, the Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna laboratories have announced vaccines that are more than 90% effective.

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