Monday, January 18

China to ban waste imports completely from 2021

(Beijing) China will ban from 1er January 2021 importation of the last types of solid waste still authorized in the country, marking the epilogue of a policy launched three years ago, state media announced on Friday.

France Media Agency

Anxious to no longer be the trash of the planet, the Asian giant began in January 2018 to close its doors to foreign waste, causing an accumulation of materials to be recycled in rich countries.

China has gradually banned, over the months, the import of different types of plastics, automotive parts, paper, textiles, and scrap steel or wood.

“Any import of solid waste, by any means whatsoever, will now be prohibited,” said a note from the authorities, quoted Friday by the New China news agency.

“The announcement will take effect from 1er January 2021 ”, adds the text dated Tuesday and published jointly by the Ministries of Environment and Trade, by Customs as well as by the National Economic Planning Commission (NDRC).

This environmental policy has been popular in China since its inception. But it caused great difficulties for some American and European recycling manufacturers, forced to store waste while waiting for a solution.

The waste exported to the Asian country had been bought for decades by local companies, who cleaned it, crushed it and transformed it into raw materials for industrialists.

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