Sunday, February 28

Whispers among the royals: was that a message from Kate to Meghan about the miscarriage?

For months it has been speculated that Duchess Meghan (39, born Meghan Markle) is pregnant again. Now it turned out she was, but in July she lost the unborn baby.

The Duchess of Sussex deals with the tragic event in a heartbreaking article for the New York Times.

Aristocracy expert Laura spoke to editor Sara-Lena Niebaum for this issue of “Palast-Geflüster geht”.

She is a mom herself and writes on family and health topics. In an interview, she explains how a miscarriage can occur and where those affected can turn for advice.

We also show by what date Duchess Kate (38, born Kate Middleton) could have sent a sign to her sister-in-law. Click into the video above!

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Shock news: Duchess Meghan Markle revealed in an article for the “New York Times” that she suffered a miscarriage in July.

Duchess Meghan reported on a miscarriage in a “New York Times” article. Did the Queen know about it? Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s wife is celebrated for her courage.

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