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Trump pardons ex-adviser Michael Flynn: a vague case, a decision criticized

Less than two months before the inauguration of Joe Biden, Donald Trump is taking advantage of his last moments in the White House to play golf … and grant presidential pardons. The US president has announced that he will pardon his former National Security adviser, Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about his contacts with a Russian diplomat a few weeks before taking office. Donald Trump. He subsequently reconsidered his statements, accusing investigators of having pressured him.

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It is the end of a long legal saga for this ephemeral adviser to the American president, who had only remained in office for twenty days. The Department of Justice decided in the spring to withdraw the charges against him, considering that Michael Flynn’s false statements to the FBI did not merit an investigation and were not a violation of the law, recalls NBC News. But until Donald Trump’s forgiveness, the case was not completely closed.

The judicial epilogue will not take place

In late October, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is presiding over the criminal case against the former national security adviser, ordered the Ministry of Justice to review its files, he said. Politico. Resisting pressure, Emmet Sullivan had even appointed an outside adviser in the person of former judge John Gleeson, to argue that the charges should not be dismissed. With Trump’s presidential pardon, the Justice Department will not have to justify dropping charges against Michael Flynn.

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This case is all the more vague as the retired lieutenant general had changed his strategy along the way, although he had twice admitted having lied during questioning with the FB. His former team of sacked lawyers, Michael Flynn had appealed to the sulphurous Sidney Powell, now known for his support for the QAnon conspiracy movement and his very conservative statements. The North Carolina lawyer implemented an aggressive strategy against the FBI, whom she accused of persecuting her client, says the New York Times.

Elected Democrats denounce an “abuse of power”

Many elected Democrats have denounced an abuse of power. “Flynn lied to the FBI about his communications with the Russians – efforts that undermined US foreign policy after sanctions were imposed on Russia for interference in our elections. And Flynn has pleaded guilty to those lies, twice. A forgiveness from Trump does not erase this truth, no matter how Trump and his allies try to suggest otherwise, “hammered Adam B. Schiff, California elected member of the House of Representatives and head of the Intelligence Committee.

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For its part, the White House reaffirmed that Michael Flynn was innocent, although Donald Trump fired him 23 days after his appointment in February 2017. “The president pardoned General Flynn because he should never have had to. be prosecuted, “said Kayleigh McEnany, spokeswoman for the White House.





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