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The spectacular physical deterioration of a nurse who has been fighting Covid for eight months

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The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on populations around the world. All people have suffered by coronavirus one way or another: some have close relatives who have died, others have suffered from the disease or have been left without work due to the collapse of the economy … everything. But, there is a sector of society that has suffered the disease on the front line of battle: the toilets. And, after months of tireless work, doctors, nurses, assistants are already at high levels of exhaustion physical Y psychological.

Hence Kathryn, an American nurse, wanted to share this dramatic situation through a Tweet in which you have published from photos: one before the pandemic and one after eight months fight against Covid-19. The photos are a clear example of the before and after that every toilet in the world can suffer, since working under minimum conditions for so many months has been able to cause many of them to have developed depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

In the case of KathrynIn the first published image, the nurse is happy and calm. In fact, he had just graduated from April 2019 of the career of Nursing. There is no fatigue, no stress, and no anxiety in his eyes. And also smile. He was just starting a profession that, at the time, he did not think would lead him to deal with a pandemic together with his fellow health workers.

The second photo is different. Very different. His eyes angry Y sad reflect the deep fatigue that the sanitary suffers. This more delgada and, in addition, his skin has deteriorated and is full of the marks of the masks and other elements that make up the EPI after having to wear them for hours and hours. Specifically, 12 hours, as published by the utility itself.

“I love being a nurse”

But the daily suffering of this nurse, like that of so many other health workers, is always in background, since they give their best to continue saving all possible lives from the clutches of the Sars-CoV-2. “I love being a nurse and, although I never thought that I would become a nurse in the middle of a highly politicized pandemic, in life you have what you have to do and even in a pandemic. There is nothing I would want to do more. Take care of the sickest It is an honor and I appreciate all my patients “, he asserts Kathryn in Twitter, demonstrating the commitment of health workers to stop Covid-19.

Despite this, the nurse is human and the pain and death caused by the coronavirus He has also been psychologically disrupted in the day-to-day activities of this health company: “It is devastating to see people die when these deaths were preventable and it is even more devastating to see them die in the same way, one day after another after another. It is devastating that common sense and decency have been politicized. “

Nurse Kathryn, in another image shared on her Twitter, after a workday.


“Covid is a brutal disease, and I would not wish it to the worst of my worst enemies. Please understand that you are not only protecting yourself, but all the people around you,” adds the health service in its thread . This is yet another example of the exhaustion of health workers who, day by day, work to cure a disease that only in Spain has already left —officially— 1,605,066 infected Y 44,037 dead, according to the figures at the end of this article.

Viral response

Before this curious tweet from the nurse Kathryn, whose purpose is to raise awareness of the suffering suffered by health workers, others have joined the complaint. The young woman has received the response of many other people who work in hospitals who also put a face on how it was before in the life of health centers and what it is like after; the now.

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