Thursday, January 21

Ouigo confirms his arrival in 2021 with fourteen trains that “will generate wealth for the country”

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The director of Ouigo, Hélène Valenzuela, has confirmed at the 1st Symposium of the Mobility Observatory that the French operator is ready to start working in Spain in March 2021 with fourteen trains.

As long as the evolution of Covid-19 allows it, the date marked on the calendar for the launch of the Ouigo service in Spain is the March, 15th. “We will make decisions based on the pandemic and vaccination, but we are ready and very excited, eager to arrive,” he said during his presentation.

As Hélène Valenzuela has explained, will offer 30 daily trips that will mean nine million places per year. It will start with the route Madrid Barcelona with a stop in Tarragona. The directive relies on incorporating the route Madrid-Valencia-Alicante Also next year, it is already in tests, and Madrid-Seville-Malaga “It will take a little longer.”

An important issue: the price. Hélène Valenzuela has stated that “on average our prices will be 50% lower than the current ones”. “We think that it will have a very important reception in the current situation,” he said.

Another fundamental aspect in Spain: employment. Ouigo, a subsidiary of SNFC, will create 1,300 jobs between direct and indirect “quality”, with an important role for inclusion and diversity. “We are already training our staff,” said the director of the French operator.

Role of liberalization

The liberalization that will allow the entry of Ouigo and other operators in the Spanish railway network will have repercussions for the benefit of users. Competition will bring more quality, lower prices and, as Hélène Valenzuela has pointed out, “each train that circulates is fewer cars, fewer planes, increased mobility and that is wealth for the country.” “Ouigo has joined this challenge of sustainability”, Has deepened.

In his goal of revolutionizing high speed in Spain, Ouigo has invested 600 million euros and wants to accompany Spaniards in the appointment they have to see their families again, recover leisure, travel and help SMEs to cut back costs. “Nothing is going to stop us; our commitment to Spain is long-term ”, pointed out the director of Ouigo.

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