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Future high school student, this young union accused of squandering public subsidies which raises questions

Future high school student: hardly anyone had heard of this union, which appeared at the height of the protest against the high school reform, in December 2018. The organization, which claims a few dozen active members and 400 members out of 2.2 millions of high school students, however, for the past fortnight has been at the heart of a controversy.

This was part of an investigation by Mediapart, who on November 8, reported on subsidies granted to the union in 2019, much of which was reportedly squandered. Release followed on November 21, portraying Avenir Lycéen as an instrument created from scratch for “To serve the interests” the Minister of Education, decked out in “one” with the nickname “Black Daron”.

Since then, the political world and social networks have been racing, opposing those who denounce a “Blanquergate” and those who, like Jean-Michel Blanquer, ensure that the media have built “A business out of thin air”.

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  • What is Avenir Lycéen?

The latest in a union landscape disputed in particular by the UNL, FIDL and MNL, Avenir lycéen was created two years ago, in the midst of a challenge to the reform of the bac. Nathan Monteux, Maxence Duprez and Marc-Olivier Lise, formerly elected in high school authorities, recruit their members in the “academic councils of high school life”, in particular among the 60 “superdelegates” of the National Council of High School Life (CNVL), that the ministry seeks to revitalize in this period of contestation.

Several founding members of the union are “Ideologically close” of La République en Marche (LRM), one of them assures us. From its creation, and while most youth organizations called for blocking high schools, Avenir lycéen positioned itself in favor of dialogue with the government. Barely born, he obtained, in March 2019, two of the four seats allocated to high school students in the Higher Education Council. However, little is known about its action – a few press releases, generally favorable to the government’s action, were sent to the press between December 2018 and the start of the 2020 school year.

  • How much did he receive from public money and what did he do with it?

Avenir lycéen is suspected of having squandered part of the subsidies granted by the national education system for an amount of 65,000 euros in 2019. A sum which, after only a few months of existence, surprises more than one school specialist . Asked about this, the Ministry of Education defends two criteria for awarding grants: the “representativeness” of associations and the projects they present to it. This would explain the fluctuations in envelopes recorded from one year to the next. In 2019, when Avenir lycéen won its first grant, the UNL received 40,000 euros (80,000 euros in 2018 and 2017). On that date, FIDL, which had been allocated 80,000 euros in 2017, no longer received anything. A situation denounced as an injustice. The International Youth Organization receives 70,000 euros in 2019.

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