Tuesday, January 26

Some condo boards in Toronto are banning visitors from buildings | The Canadian News

With the closure measures in place for Toronto and Peel under Ontario’s new color restriction framework, the condo boards have enforced stricter policies regarding visitors.

Rodrigo Diaz M.

Under section 117 of the Ontario Condominium Act, passed in 1998, condo boards have “the power to control common elements within the building, including elevators, hallways, lobbies, and the like; specifically whether the use of that space may damage property or property or cause injury or illness to an individual ”.

Some condo boards in Toronto have relied on this article to restrict visitor access to buildings.

Unless the building has an accessible exterior entrance, it is most likely that any visitor who has to pass through a common space to reach an apartment could pose some danger to residents.

This issue has been debated since the pandemic began, but several buildings have implemented such policies regardless of possible future consequences. Not all residents are satisfied, but the same could be said regarding how the province has handled this second wave of COVID-19.

Not all condo boards and property management companies have gone as far as trying to ban visitors, but all have been forced to shut down common amenities like gyms, party rooms, guest suites, and meeting rooms.


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