Monday, January 18

Secret tests reveal poor air quality in schools

Three-quarters of the classrooms that have been tested as part of a “secret project” show significant ventilation problems favoring the transmission of the disease. coronavirus.

This is what a group of doctors and experts worried about the quality of the air in schools in times of pandemic and the inaction of the Legault government found.

The COVID-STOP group recruited 12 teachers to test the air in 25 classrooms and premises in the Montreal area with machines commonly known as CO2Meter and CO2Mini.

In 3 out of 4 classes tested incognito, ventilation was problematic and CO₂ levels exceeded the acceptable level of 700 to 800 ppm, the group said in a statement Wednesday. In some classes the rates have even risen to over 2,100 ppm.

Global specialists, including José Luis Jimenez, of the University of Colorado, recommend a maximum concentration rate of 650 to 800 ppm, underlines COVID-STOP.

“Imagine the magnitude of the situation if we tested the classes diligently with real experts,” said internist Marie-Michelle Bellon. “With the extreme cold that will soon prevent opening the windows, we are worried that schools will fuel the pandemic even more. “

According to the co-spokesperson for Solidarity Quebec (QS) Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, this proves that the opposition is right to ask for CO₂ detectors and portable air purifiers for schools.

Instead of acting in this direction, the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, preferred to ridicule QS, lamented Mr. Nadeau-Dubois on Wednesday at a press briefing at the National Assembly. “The government brushed it off, practically laughed in our face,” he said. We were right. The quality of the air in the classrooms is worrying. “

“It shows that the government of Francois Legault It would be to your advantage to listen a little more to the oppositions, when making proposals, rather than thinking that they have the truth infused. “.

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