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Naiara Davo, the Podemos deputy who invites you to wear red lipstick because she is “anti-fascist”

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Naiara Davó, the spokeswoman for United We Can in the Valencian Courts and self-declared as a “feminist” in her Twitter biography, has shared a video on this social network where she claims the red lipstick as a symbol of female resistance. She says the following: “For women in politics, putting on makeup becomes almost an obligation. Our dark circles, our wrinkles, our hairstyle are judged first … before listening to what we say, we talk about our appearance“, Starts.

Wanting to reverse this undoubtedly sexist situation -which focuses on the canon of female beauty, its attributes and its correctness regarding clothing, hairstyle and even elegance, eclipsing its messages, which are priced lower than the masculine-, the deputy has proposed a curious expression of nonconformity: “There was an element that became a feminist and anti-fascist symbol: the red lipstick“, reports.

“In 1912 it became a symbol of rebellion and was popularized by well-known suffragettes such as Charlotte Perkins after demonstrating in front of the Arden cosmetics salon. Hitler hated red lipstick,” she outlines, while she takes out a small hand mirror and a lipstick and begins her herself to be painted. “In fact, in the allied countries it became a symbol of resistance against the Nazis and in Great Britain it was the only beauty product that continued and did not stop production. So let’s signal our feminist and anti-fascist commitment. “

It has not been slow to receive criticism, not only from users angry at its “pilgrim arguments” – under the accusation of mixing “churras with merinas” – but also from militant feminist users, such as Laura Redondo, legal and forensic psychologist and doctoral student in sexual violence : “This video is frivolous and that’s why we’re telling you about it. Because nobody with two fingers in the forehead can think of it. On top of that you have the audacity to not apologize. This week is about violence, not makeup, train a little please !! “, he wrote.

Ocasio-Cortez and “girl power”

However, it is not the first policy claimed by lipstick. A few months ago, Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez revealed her “beauty routine” and assured that there are certain aesthetic choices that make sense within a political framework: “The reason I think it is so important to share these things is that, first, femininity has power, and in politics there are many criticisms and minutiae about how women present themselves…”, advancement.

And she kept shooting: “There’s this really misconception that if you care about makeup or if your interests are beauty and fashion, that’s kind of frivolous. But actually I think these are some of the biggest decisions we make, and We take them every morning ”, explained the young leftist.

He inquired that this lipstick had connotations “about self-love and the fight against power”: “I feel a little more animated with the fiery red (on my lips),” she winked, thus acknowledging that it felt powerful and emancipatory. “I wear them when I need a confidence boost. Our culture is based both on diminishing women and harnessing our self-esteem, so it is quite a radical act, and it’s almost like a mini protest, loving yourself in a society that always tells you that you don’t have the right weight, “he concluded.

Liz Taylor herself said it as advice: “Have a drink, put on some lipstick and regain your calm.” Also the authentic Coco Chanel encouraged embassy women to paint their lips a bit … “and attack.”

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