Saturday, April 17

Mexican peso November 25 dollar exchange rate is sold today

  • The Mexican peso falls slightly against the dollar this November 25
  • The Aztec currency reached a maximum level of 20.0965 units
  • The green ticket is sold for 20.54 pesos, according to Citibanamex

Mexican peso November 25. According to the exchange rate of this Wednesday, November 25, the Mexican peso falls slightly and the dollar sells at 20.54 pesos, according to information from the news portal of The financial.

The Aztec currency reached a maximum level of 20.0965 units, from 6:58 am, and a minimum of 19.9666 units at 2:15 am.

According to data provided by Bloomberg, in the interbank sphere, the currency depreciates 0.24 percent, to 20.07 units.

Image taken from Twitter @LvdNoticias

The information from the Citibanamex bank indicates that at the bank window, the green ticket is sold for 20.54 pesos. It has been detailed that the capital markets of Europe point to a negative scenario, while in America the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, continues with the election of his future cabinet.

In addition, all these numbers are shuffled in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that is already hitting an outbreak in some parts of the world.

In Europe, the governments of some countries have already established measures to prevent contagion in places of mass concentrations such as restaurants, theaters, cinemas and bars.

In Mexico some states are already on a red traffic light, which refers to a large number of coronavirus cases, and even hospital capacity is almost 100 percent.

In the United States there has also been a considerable increase in cases, which is why the closure of some businesses and activities has already been ordered.

Some of the good news in the midst of the health crisis has been given by some pharmaceutical companies that establish that the effectiveness of their vaccines exceeds 90 percent and with this increases the hope of governments and their inhabitants to finally get out of this situation.

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