Sunday, February 28

Making progress on relaunching the EU without Budapest and Warsaw

It is an idea which is progressing in the corridors of the European institutions. If Poland and Hungary persist in maintaining their veto on the EU’s recovery plan, the two countries should not benefit from the funds mobilized for this strategy.

In the European Parliament the idea is defended by the liberal Guy Verhofstadt. “I see no other way than to initiate enhanced cooperation based on Article 326 of the Treaty. This gives the possibility, for example, for 25 Member States to advance on this recovery fund without Poland and Hungary“, explains the MEP. The former Belgian Prime Minister is also surprised by this choice defended by Budapest and Warsaw. It is”the first time in budget negotiations that I see a country object to receiving money“.

The Union wishes to make access to European aid conditional on respect for democratic values. This approach is supported by citizens assures Guy Verhofstadt. “In most countries 60 to 70% of people find it absolutely normal to stop European aid to a country which does not respect the rule of law, democracy and which is in the hands of corrupt people“, he explains, before adding that”Hungary tops the list for corruption in the European Union.”

Budapest and Warsaw believe that the rule of law is used as a political weapon. In an interview, the Hungarian Prime Minister judges that this new tool would push the European institutions to act like the Soviet Union. A comparison “scandalous“for the MEP. Germany, which holds the six-monthly presidency of the Union, repeats that an agreement is within reach. But Guy Verhofstadt excludes any concession on the rule of law.

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