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Jean-Marc Rouillan fixed on December 14 on a possible return to prison

It is a relentlessness of the Pnat which borders on the ridiculous“, had cracked Tuesday his lawyer Jean-Louis Chalanset, evoking”two ridiculous shortcomings: the first time, the electronic bracelet was damaged, he did not realize it. The second, he has eight witnesses who saw the bracelet fall“.

During the hearing, at which Mr. Rouillan appeared by videoconference from Occitanie, “the prosecution ultimately only relied on the first incident in August“, Me Chalanset reported Wednesday evening.

Why would someone who served 24 years in prison have deliberately damaged their bracelet for a sentence of a few months? An hour after the incident, the police were there and saw that he was having breakfast“, quipped the lawyer who specifies that this home detention under bracelet must end on January 11.

Mr. Rouillan has been serving a sentence of eighteen months in prison since July, eight of which are closed for “apology for terrorism“.

On February 23, 2016, while recording a radio show, he said: “Me, I found them very brave, in fact“, about the jihadists who struck France in 2015.

They fought courageously: they fight in the streets of Paris” whereas they “know that there are 2,000 or 3,000 cops around them“, he had launched, while saying he was hostile to ideology”reactionary“jihadists.

In this case, he was convicted in May 2017 on appeal, a conviction that became final in November 2018 after the rejection of a cassation appeal.

On November 17, a collective entitled “Do not let them do it“reproached the State for wanting”put Jean-Marc Rouillan back in prison“.

Arrested in 1987, Jean-Marc Rouillan, sentenced twice to life imprisonment for the assassinations of arms engineer René Audran in 1985 and of Renault CEO Georges Besse in 1986, spent twenty-four years in prison, including more seven in solitary confinement, before being released on parole in 2012.

Jean-Marc Rouillan was the last member of the hard core of Direct Action to regain freedom.





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