Tuesday, January 26

In Lyon, gastronomy is at half mast, restaurant owners are angry

Restaurant owners are angry. The holiday season will pass under their noses as they hoped to take the opportunity to get their heads out of the water after weeks of confinement. This restaurant in the beautiful districts of Lyon will remain closed at least until January 20.

We have met his boss, and his mood is not to be celebrated.

Christophe Marguin, owner of the restaurant “Le Président”, and manager of Toques Blanches Lyonnaises:“We were shocked. Shocked because we are doing everything we need in terms of health protocols, and to still have a sanction of two months, it’s catastrophic for us, since we already have more than 80 days of closure on confinement We arrive in roughly the same area, so it’s been 160 days, and I don’t know a company that can keep closed for 160 days without resources (…) There are passes. rights that are not acceptable. When I hear that Rungis restaurants are open, I find it unacceptable. People work at night, okay, but we work during the day, and I don’t see why we give passes -rights to certain people Either we are all closed or we are all open.

_It’s hard, it’s sad. but here we are already hearing suicides. There are people who are going to be depressed, there are people who don’t know how they are going to get out, there are people who will lose everything and be homeless (…) We were ready. to make efforts, but why us, why always us? At one point, what is hard is that it is always us who have been singled out, when nothing really proves that something is happening in our restaurants “. _

Les Toques blancs Lyonnaises, this association of restaurateurs, had already expressed its dissatisfaction at the start of the second confinement on November 9, hoping to exit the tunnel on January 8. It will finally be the 20th, in the best case …


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