Sunday, January 17

Finances in the Vatican: “The Church has always been a sinner”

Lives modestly himself: Pope Francis at the window of the Apostolic Palace, which he only uses for official appointments.
Image: dpa / Vatican News

The Pope criticizes capitalism and wants an ethical economy. But the Vatican is sliding from one financial scandal to the next. Now the “Lady of the Cardinal” is making headlines.

FEhlinvestments, reports of embellished returns and a foreign public prosecutor’s office that is getting to grips with the Vatican: In the past few weeks there has been no shortage of negative headlines that cast a bad light on the way money is handled in the Vatican – and those in a long series of misconduct Standing in the past.

Tobias Piller

Tobias Piller

Economic correspondent for Italy and Greece based in Rome.

The latest example in the Italian newspapers is always new news about “the cardinal’s lady”, Cecilia M. Allegedly she was supported with donations that were actually intended for the poor. The talk is of at least half a million euros. She is said to have received the money on the pretext that she was establishing international contacts for the security of the Vatican representations. According to newspaper reports, however, she has spent the money on 120 purchases in luxury stores. The suspect was in custody for extradition to the Vatican, but is released again according to media reports.

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