Monday, January 18

Fight against anti-Semitism | Trudeau appoints ex-minister Irwin Cotler special envoy

(Ottawa) Irwin Cotler, former Montreal MP and former Federal Minister of Justice, is appointed special envoy for the preservation of the memory of the Holocaust and the fight against anti-Semitism.

The Canadian Press

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the creation of this new position, tailor-made for the founder and president of the Raoul-Wallenberg Center for Human Rights.

A human rights lawyer, Mr. Cotler has advised several famous political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela. He is currently advising Raïf Badawi.

“Seventy-five years after the liberation of the Nazi concentration and extermination camps which revealed the horror of the Holocaust, Jewish communities in Canada and around the world are facing a rise in anti-Semitism”, can we read in the press release announcing the new responsibilities of Mr. Cotler.

“This is why, today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed the Honorable Irwin Cotler to the post of special envoy,” it adds.

This post of special envoy is unpaid. Mr. Cotler may, however, claim reimbursement for expenses incurred in carrying out his duties.

These tasks, the press release describes them as follows: “Mr. Cotler will use this knowledge to lead the Government of Canada delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHMA). It will work in collaboration with other member countries and with national and international partners to support Holocaust education, memory and research in Canada and around the world. ”

“Because anti-Semitism has no place in Canada or elsewhere in the world,” said Mr. Trudeau, in the same press release.

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