Tuesday, January 26

Exorbitant prices, wacky exchanges, the funny business around the PS5

PS5: launch scheduled for November 19, priced at € 399 – Geeko

  • Sony’s game console, the Playstation 5, was released last Thursday.
  • The rush of buyers quickly caused stockouts everywhere.
  • On the Internet, the famous PS5 is now the subject of mad speculation.

My precious. The latest version of Sony’s popular game console, the Playstation 5, was released last Thursday. The wait was such that resellers were literally robbed from day one generating widespread stockouts. A terrible frustration for those who missed the boat. A godsend for the smart kids who were served first. Suddenly, on Le Bon coin, ads abound under the keyword “PS5”. And some are ready to do anything to get hold of the beast or to make as much wheat as possible.

At classic retailers, the PS5 sells in digital edition around 400 euros and in classic edition around 500 euros. Except that to have it at that price, you have to be patient, the stock shortage being worldwide. And if we are not patient, we will have to pay more, much more, sometimes even triple the price. In Lille, Roubaix or even Carvin, several announcements thus offer the precious console at the price of 1,500 euros, specifying that the product is “new”.

He trades his car for a PS5

The average price that 20 Minutes observed in the Lille metropolis, still on the Bon coin, however turns around 1,000 euros. There, there is a choice. To avoid passing for opportunists, some sellers advance questionable arguments: “I sell my ps5 with invoice I prefer Xbox”, affirms Manuel de Tourcoing. “I’m selling a new PS5 because I have two,” tries another. Either, however, all prefer “cash payments” and “hand delivery”.

This surge in prices is also explained by the number of people looking for a PS5 on the Bon coin. If the object is nothing essential, if it is not essential to lead a normal life, that does not prevent many unhappy gamers from calling their ad: “Urgent, seek PS5”. An inhabitant of Carvin is even ready to exchange Sony’s latest addition to his car, a 2004 Ford diesel with more than 270,000 kilometers on the clock.

Some buyers are putting forward a substantial budget, between 900 and 1,200 euros, which should allow them to quickly get their hands on the coveted object. On the other hand, they are much more likely to try the coup at 600, even 650 euros, undoubtedly betting on the philanthropy of the salesmen. We wish them good luck.


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