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Deputy editor of La Presse, Eric Trottier, resigns

It’s the end of an era. After 30 years at The Press, including 17 at the helm of the newsroom, the vice-president of information and assistant editor Éric Trottier will step down on 1er next January, “at one second midnight”, in order to take up new challenges.

Henri Ouellette-Vézina
Henri Ouellette-Vézina

“The time has come for me to move on. It’s not that I lost the flame, on the contrary. But I’ve been thinking about the idea of ​​a new career for a few years. I recently celebrated my 55th birthday. The time has come, ”explains the principal concerned, in a letter sent to the employees.

Upon his arrival in November 1990, Mr. Trottier made a promise to the then chief information officer, Marcel Desjardins, that he would become “the next Denis Lessard, already the king of the scoop in the country”. “Nobody becomes Denis Lessard. But this somewhat presumptuous statement definitely inspired the style of journalism that I have always wanted to put forward, ”he recounts in his writings.

A long career

For Éric Trottier, it all started in the world of student media, in high school then at university, in the Montreal Campus. Enter in Press through the summer internship after a brief stint at Journal of Montreal and The Voice of the East, He then distinguished himself as a journalist in various facts, then in municipal politics, and this for more than a decade, before being appointed deputy to the director of information in 2002.

The following year, he became chief information officer. Since 2010, he was at the head of the newsroom, a job “demanding for personal and family life”. He kept him busy day and night, even during his vacation, sometimes to reread a text, sometimes to support its troops in the field, from the war in Iraq to corruption scandals, including the attacks in Quebec and Ottawa, in particular.

It’s time to replace the “big boss” with someone younger, with new ideas. Such is life.

Éric Trottier, deputy editor of La Presse

Along with several other colleagues, the outgoing assistant editor will have been at the heart of the company’s digital transformation, with the arrival of The Press + in 2013. He remembers that time as being “the most extraordinary mission” that the organization has known to date. “It was a decade of questioning and heated discussions, of course, but this challenge was most exhilarating,” said Mr. Trottier, saying quitting with “the certainty” that his media “is on the way back to the heyday. “.

The president of The Press, Pierre-Elliott Levasseur praised his colleague’s successes. “Under Eric, Press stood out with an impressive number of awards and a considerable increase in readership. It has undeniably contributed to increasing the influence and impact of our media in society, ”said Mr. Levasseur, wishing him the best of luck for the future.

In the coming months, Eric Trottier intends to take some rest and finally allow himself “real vacation” without interruption. “It’s time for me to see what kind of man I can be outside of this magnificent box,” he concludes.


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