Monday, January 18

Celine Dion speaks out against harassment against women

In a video shared on her social platforms on Wednesday, Celine Dion marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women by talking about experiences in which she was allegedly subjected to inappropriate words and actions.

Marissa Groguhe
Marissa Groguhe

“It happened to me backstage, meeting people. Like when a man got a little too familiar with his hand behind my back. I did not react immediately, but I felt very uncomfortable, ”says Celine Dion in this video of less than a minute where she shares her experience and calls for action.

The singer from Quebec also tells of the “few other times” where we paid her compliments, “which looked more like advances”, about her body, which also made her uncomfortable each time.

“On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, I join L’Oréal in the fight against street harassment”, we can read, in French and in English, under its publication. The Stand Up Against Street Harassment campaign, an initiative of L’Oréal and the organization Hollaback !, aims to fight street harassment and create safe spaces for everyone.

“It happens all the time, to so many people, and we must no longer tolerate it”, concludes Celine Dion. On Instagram, the second slide of her post shows her with the letter “D” inscribed in the palm of her hand, in reference to the “5 D”, the five tools put forward by the campaign to protect oneself from harassment. .

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