Wednesday, April 14

Boris Becker will be leaving the DTB as a men’s boss next year

“Working for the DTB has given me great pleasure over the past three and a half years. Unfortunately, I currently do not have the time to continue this extensive task. It was a pleasure for me to visit all the federal training centers, but especially with the children and to deal intensively with young people “, explained Boris Becker.

Since summer 2017 he has been leading the Davis Cup team together with captain Michael Kohlmann. In addition, one of the other priorities of the former Wimbledon champion was the further development of the junior division. This included viewing courses, regular contact with trainers, visits to all federal bases and tournaments. Becker has no more time for that.

Boris Becker: “It was a great honor for me”

As the German Tennis Association (DTB) announced, Kohlmann will in future assume sole responsibility for the entire men’s area. “Of course we regret this decision, but we also fully understand it. With his great expertise and personality, Boris has set a lot of impulses at all levels in competitive sport. It is always very inspiring and profitable to exchange ideas with him,” said DTB Sports Director Klaus Eberhard.

With Becker’s resignation, the association loses one of the most important German tennis players, who with his experience and expertise made an important contribution to the further development of young players – including Alex Zverev. The duel against Spain (2: 3) in the Davis Cup finals in 2020 in March, when Germany just lost to the Iberians, will be remembered as one of his highlights as team boss.

“It was a great honor for me to lead German men’s and junior tennis together with Michael Kohlmann and I am convinced that he will continue to do this great job on his own. I will remain on friendly terms with the DTB and can imagine that if my time allows, I will take on an even bigger task at the DTB, if the opportunity arises, “said Becker.

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