Saturday, April 17

The National Court imputes the former security chiefs of Repsol and La Caixa in the Villarejo case

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The judge in the Villarejo case has cited the former security officers of Repsol YPF and Caixabank as being investigated in the piece where he investigates whether the former commissioner was hired to spy on the former president of Sacyr Luis del Rivero between 2011 and 2012, when it was trying to get almost a third of the shares of the energy company.

In a car, to which he has had access Efe this Tuesday, the judge of the National Court cites as accused the former director of corporate security of Repsol, the commissioner on leave of absence Rafael Araujo; and the former director of the Caixabank security area, the retired commissioner Miguel Ángel Fernández Rancaño, although it does not specify the declaration date.

Also to whoever was second to Araujo, Rafael Girona; to own Jose Villarejo and your partner, Rafael Redondo -already charged and processed in other pieces-, all of them investigated in piece number 21 of the case, which was opened in December of last year.

In it, the so-called ‘Wine Project’ is investigated, supposedly commissioned by the former security officers of these two companies with the aim of “safeguarding the interests” of both, “which appear as business allies in a context of conflict between reference shareholders at Repsol YPF to take control of the company “.

The judge explains that the project was born when the energy company “detects a syndication strategy “by Del Rivero -at that time president of Sacyr and who has been cited as an injured witness- “to associate with the oil company Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX)” to obtain “almost a third” of Repsol’s shares and gain control of it.

A maneuver that, presumably, Repsol had detected and that, “with the help of Caixabank” would “temporarily” paralyze Del Rivero’s plan, removing him from the presidency of Sacyr, as well as his son and a collaborator.

The withdrawal of the presidency would have produced, according to the documentation that is in the possession of the judge, “an attempted reaction” on the part of Del Rivero, with the “main focus” on the president of Repsol, from whom he “would try to obtain sensitive information with the intention of counterattacking. “

In this way, the car explains, Del Rivero, called in the project LR, RIO or RIVER, would be the “main objective” of the supposed commission, for which Cenite -Villarejo’s company- should also investigate his wife, who was Sacyr’s security chief, Rodrigo Álvarez, who was called CID, and the former financial director of Repsol, Fernando Ramírez, both cited as injured. Likewise, “it would be in the interest of customers” to collect information from Pemex.

“The contracted investigation services would be carried out during the last months of 2011 and during the first half of 2012 “, when Villarejo was still a curator.

The order indicates that “seven credits have been detected in two Cenyt accounts (…) charged to the companies Repsol (4 credits) and Caixabank (3 credits)” of a total of 413,600 euros, of which 218,900 euros were paid from the first and 194,700 euros to the second.

According to the documentation that Repsol sent, Rafael Girona, already separated from the company, “I would have participated in the management of the contract with Cenyt” that was carried out in the company by the security team and “would have participated” together with his superior, Araujo, “in meetings with the representatives” of said company.

Then Girona, “possibly”, handed over a copy of Cenyt’s reports to “one of the analysts in his unit”, as was the “normal way of proceeding in the area with outsourced investigations”, according to “the evidence found” by the company.

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