Thursday, June 17

Woman begs ex-boyfriend: The video goes viral on social networks

  • A woman begs her ex-boyfriend in the street after seeing her with another woman
  • This scene occurred on the streets of the state of Morelia
  • The video has gone viral on social media

Woman begs ex-boyfriend. Through social networks a video by Danay Díaz Magaña, a woman who begs her ex-boyfriend, which today has already gone viral, since it is about a woman who does a show in the middle of the street for the love of a man who was with another young woman in Morelia.

The young woman named Danay Díaz Magaña appears in the video making a scene where she apparently saw her ex-boyfriend with another woman, and she begins to beg him to return with her.

At the beginning of the video you can see how Danay Díaz approaches a couple who was walking down the street and begins to push the subject claiming who the other woman was.


The woman who begs her ex-boyfriend in Morelia tells him “it was worth seeing…”, and then she gives the man who was with the other woman a push, suddenly between shoves Danay says “that pu .. who is it? what the subject says “is my girlfriend”.

Wanting to get closer to her, Danay says to the young man: “she’s not even your girlfriend, she’s one of your put …”, and pushes the subject again until he slapped him and he replied: What do you want? I already told you that I am not going to return with you ”.


The very angry ex-girlfriend threw her jacket in the face of the young man and continues pushing and slapping the subject and he respectfully says: “She is my girlfriend, what do you want?”

On the other hand, the other woman who was accompanied by the man only grabbed the young man, stretching them to leave, but Danay Díaz did not let him go, doing everything in his power, tried to kiss him, until he knelt, but the ex-boyfriend chivalrously I held her up so she wouldn’t make a fool of herself, however this didn’t work.


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