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Saturday, November 28

Shots in Meckenheim: suspect killed during police operation

BA suspect was killed during a police operation in Meckenheim near Bonn. The man died on the spot, said a police spokesman on Monday night. The police had previously reported that the alleged shooter was “seriously injured” during the access by special forces. There was an exchange of fire.

The officials were alerted on Sunday evening because witnesses reported a rioter. According to the statements, the man repeatedly fired shots with a pistol. According to the information, a police officer also suffered a gunshot wound to the hand during the operation. According to initial findings, there were no other injuries.

“Very dynamic location”

It was a “very dynamic situation”, said the police spokesman. The surrounding buildings could not be evacuated so quickly due to the overall situation. Doctors and paramedics were on site.

The “Bonner General-Anzeiger” had first reported the incident. Numerous police officers were “partly heavily armed in the streets,” reported the newspaper. Some areas have also been cordoned off. It was initially unclear who the suspect was, as was his motive.

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