Thursday, March 4

Adamari López shows her body in a white jumpsuit, but they tell her: “I wouldn’t wear that with that wardrobe body.”

  • Adamari López appeared very beautiful in a white jumpsuit in Un Nuevo Día but did not expect the comments
  • People say that their change from exercise is not noticeable and some even ask for their head of the show
  • The jumpsuit that they put on Adamari López accentuated her figure

Mijitos de mi corazón, welcome to your recreation space, I am LA CHACHA and it is a pleasure that you make me take a break from my girl activities and bring you a poisonous gossip, today that has to do with my little one Adamari López and her body in a white jumpsuit that she wore on Un Nuevo Día.

I do not give credit to the hate that my short grape body receives because she does not mess with anyone, but all the little women mess with her on the Instagram of A New Day because of the way she dresses and what she wears or because of her curves that are out of tune.

But we already know that my girl is on a regimen, slow, but regimen and it is good that she takes into account that her diet needs to be done and that her body has it.

It causes me pain, mijas, that they tell me such offensive comments as “This woman has me fed up, get her out of the program”, “The regime was useless”, and things like that come from women for Adamari López who has to having too thick skin to withstand that.

Now it all happened because her body appeared wearing a white jumpsuit, very elegant and baggy pants, which in my opinion looks regal and she with a very beautiful and special shine.

But they know that people are not happy with anything and the poisonous began to rant in the comment section of the Instagram of A New Day:

“And the challenge with Weight Watchers was never achieved, right?”, “When they take her off the show? I can’t stand it ”,“ I don’t understand why Adamari doesn’t lose weight ”,“ Too bad I wouldn’t wear that with that wardrobe body, being a public figure ”,“ It looks like wrapped tamale ”,“ The bust should be rebuilt, with that square lump ”.

I am truly stunned and even on fire with the pain and courage to read these types of comments and that they are all from millet women.

My Adamari you can see her photograph below and personally for me, she looks very beautiful, and if you think she does not want to exercise, go to the next page that I show you otherwise …

Adamari López jumpsuit A New Day (Instagram)

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