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Tuesday, November 24

Yseult, Sophia Loren and mediums in the replays of the week

The singer Yseult. – Screenshot Colors / DAVID FOULKES

There is not only the direct in life, there is also the replay. From YouTube to Netflix to TV channel replays and radio station podcasts, 20 Minutes every Sunday concocts a list of things to see, or review, listen to or listen to again.

A pop podcast to make a date

Pop culture also has its historic dates. This is what clearly intends to demonstrate Pop Day, a brand new podcast which, with each issue, will analyze a key moment in pop music. To start the festivities, its creator, Thibaud takes us back in time until November 15, 2006 to tell us about the release of Confessions on a Dance Floor of Madonna. In a quarter of an hour, we learn a lot of things behind the scenes of this album carried by the tube Hung Up and his formidable sample of Abba.

They communicate with the deceased

Paranormal enthusiasts, here is a program for you! As indicated by his name, Medium, the messengers of the afterlife is based on two mediums, Anne Tuffigo and Pierre Yonas, who have a gift, that of being able to communicate with the deceased. They use this ability to help those who ask them for answers from their missing loved ones. “Whether we believe it or not, this program, produced without special effects, should arouse your curiosity,” suggests host Stéphanie Renouvin in the press release. It must be admitted that this show with very short episodes, visible on 6play has all the guilty pleasure.

Twelve minutes of beauty with Yseult

Friday, Yseult released BRUT, a highly recommendable six-track EP. A few days earlier, the artist revealed by New star in 2013, kicked off the “New Opera” format of the chic YouTube channel Colors. The 26-year-old singer performs two of her new songs there, Bad Boy and Indelible, as well as Corps – extract of Noir, his previous opus, in stagings evoking both cabaret atmospheres and German surrealism. Twelve minutes of pure beauty. A feast for the eyes and ears.

Sophia Loren sur Netflix

The life ahead by Emile Ajar (well, Romain Gary…), Goncourt Prize 1975 had already been adapted into a feature film in 1977, with Simone Signoret. Moshe Mizrahi’s film had also received the Oscar for best non-English-speaking film in the wake.
A new adaptation has just been posted on Netflix, the plot has been transposed from the Paris of the 1970s to the Italy of the 2020s, but this rereading is faithful, in general terms, to the novel. Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, it’s not the masterpiece of the year but it deserves a look because it had been over ten years – Nine by Rob Marshall in 2009 – that Sophia Loren had not appeared in a feature film. The legend of Italian cinema is out of retirement for his son Edoardo Ponti who is none other than the director of this Life ahead of you.


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