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Monday, November 30

“Unscrupulous”: The anti-social behavior of the AfD and its employees in the Bundestag

The behavior of the members of the AfD in the Bundestag is increasingly causing anger. Their sometimes aggressive employees are said to behave even worse.

  • The AfD has been the largest opposition faction in the Bundestag since 2017.
  • The party, which tolerates at least one fascist in its ranks, repeatedly attracts attention in the Bundestag for its aggressive behavior.
  • Employees from various parties report attempts at intimidation and abuses by the ranks of the AfD-Workforce.

Berlin – Barbara Hendricks is a veteran of the German Bundestag. The SPD politician has been a member of the highest German parliament since 1994, initially in Bonn, and since moving in 1999 to the historic Reichstag building in the heart of Berlin. The former Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety has seen a lot in parliament. What is new for them, however, is the rough and sometimes anti-social tone in Parliament since the self-proclaimed Alternative for Germany entered the Bundestag in 2017 with parliamentary groups.

Armin-Paul Hampel stood on Friday like no other for the aggressive tone of the AfD in the Bundestag.

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SPD politician Barbara Hendricks reports of hidden insults from the ranks of the AfD

In a calm and haunting speech last Friday (November 20, 2020), Hendricks denounced the atmosphere that entered the Bundestag together with the right-wing populists who tolerate fascists in their ranks. “Over the years we have had very different majorities,” Hendricks begins her speech, “we had a multitude of challenges to overcome that we did not always advance unanimously. But nevertheless in an agreement in principle about what the value of democracy is and how one behaves in this house, both professionally and personally. ”

Hendricks reports that this fundamental social agreement has been over since the AfD was elected to parliament: “Since 2017, not only the way of working, but also the atmosphere in this house has fundamentally changed. We know that, but we didn’t want to get used to it. ”Straight to them AfD The SPD politician adroitly addresses the rude tone of the right-wing extremists. “We know that they insult colleagues in particular who are sitting near them.” This, according to Hendricks, is what they do AfD– MPs particularly perfidious – namely only so loud that the offended can hear them, but quiet enough that the rude remarks cannot be recorded in the protocol.

Hendricks on AfD: “We know that there are Nazis in their ranks”

The former federal minister further describes that members of the federal government “almost can’t stand it anymore” in the vicinity of the AfD, whose faction is placed exactly opposite the government bank, so bad are the provocations from the ranks of the right-wing radical party. Their words were followed by loud rabble from among the ranks of the AfD. But Hendricks continues undeterred: “We know that there are Nazis in their ranks and we know that there are people in their ranks who pretend to be Nazis for the sake of provocation.”

Hendricks hits a nerve with this. Armin-Paulus Hampel bursts his collar, he roars vehemently AfD– MPs in between and reaps two consecutive calls to order from Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble. That Hampel with his aggressive screams (“Mr. President, that doesn’t work. I won’t let myself be insulted as a Nazi!”) At the same time acts like someone who feels personally addressed by the Nazi accusation and in the same breath Hendrick’s remarks delivered to the door with a receipt underlines, he doesn’t seem to notice.

Calls for order and the AfD

Between 2017 and the end of 2019 alone, there were 19 calls to order in the Bundestag. That is more than in the four previous legislative periods combined. So the AfD ensured that more calls to order had to be distributed in two years than in twelve years before.

The AfD– Member of Parliament Stephan Brandner gave three calls to order during a speech in spring 2020. As a member of the state parliament in Thuringia, he made 32 calls to order in three years.

The Call to order is a means of chairing the session around the President of the Bundestag, with which individual members can be warned. A third call to order can lead to exclusion from the debate.

AfD employee threatens: “We’ll get you too, you grain eaters”

Barbara Hendricks lets the fine art go: “Put your shoe on or not.” Only when the President of Parliament Schäuble threatens him with the third call to order does he drive AfD-Man down. Hendricks made their point. But what she then says is depressing. “What they do not do anything themselves,” Hendrick once again, addressing the right-wing fringe of parliament, “they let employees do it, who they obviously choose from the point of view of who is the most unscrupulous.”

The SPD politician speaks of “colleagues from other parliamentary groups” who “no longer dare to be alone in the corridors late in the evening because they are from employees of the AfD parliamentary group be harassed. ”From the ranks of the AfD one hears a man laughing loudly and aggressively. Then Barbara Hendricks tells of an AfD employee who is said to have reacted to the order of a vegetarian dish in the Bundestag canteen with the words “We’ll get you too, you grain eaters”. “This is a threat in a criminal sense, ”adds Hendricks.

Climate in the Bundestag since the arrival of the AfD “severely deteriorated”

The statements by the parliamentarian Hendricks fit into a picture that the news magazine “The mirror“Paints in a detailed article. Under the heading”AfD employees spread fear and horror in the government district ”, Maik Baumgärtner and Ann-Katrin Müller list various accounts that the two journalists received from sources from the ranks of the workforce of the democratic parliamentary groups. There is the case of an employee of the SPD MP Andrea Nahles, who since a text against racism in the SPD party newspaper “Vorwärts” threatened and harassed becomes and the goal of one Smear campaign was on the internet.

Marquardt calls the climate in the Bundestag, to which she herself once belonged as a member, “has worsened since the move in AfD“. Employees of the parliamentary groups of the SPD, the Greens and the Left report on rabies and Threatening gestures the AfD employees, who were recruited from the circles of anti-constitutional “identities” and the right-wing terrorist Bundeswehr soldier Franco A. Against another AfD employees is under legal investigation, he is said to have planned and financed an arson attack in Ukraine on behalf of.

AfD employees set up threatening scenes in the hallways of the Bundestag

Especially the employees of the democratic parliamentary groups in the Bundestag who campaign against right-wing extremism felt themselves threatened, writes “Der Spiegel”. One employee reports that she has been exposed to the aggression of the AfD employees lock the door from the inside and avoid walking alone in the corridors of the Bundestag at night. Another employee reports to the news magazine about two AfD men who stand in the door and stare until “you get up and have to close the door.” She calls it power games.

The next employee reports that the joint rounds of the employees of all groups of employees of the AfD being disturbed, interfering, laughing at and intimidating others. He calls constructive parliamentary work “hardly possible” under these circumstances. The Greens politician Claudia Roth, Vice-President of the Bundestag and Chair of the Employee Commission, shows the “Spiegel” understanding for the “growing concern in the workforce”, from whose ranks she expresses hateful and explicit emails Threatening calls had been reported.

The AfD’s “knife man” works in the Reichstag building

And employees of the Bundestag administration are not spared either. After according to the “mirror” information AfD employees had published the telephone number of the employee responsible for drafting the migration pact, it was with me for so long Threatening calls was besieged until she asked to be transferred.

A paragraph about a “knife man” in the is particularly sensitive AfD. The employee of the AfD member Harald Weysel is said to have traveled to Brussels with the European Committee of the Bundestag. There, the security service of the European Commission is said to have confiscated the knife with which he wanted to go through the security gate. The AfD employees argued that he would take the knife with him to the Bundestag, but hand it over to the security guards at the entrance. Only: As an employee, he doesn’t even have to go through the lock in the Reichstag, he has a house ID. Weapons are not generally prohibited in the Bundestag. The Bundestag administration is now forced to make improvements at this point. (Mirko Schmid)

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