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Wednesday, December 2

Trump withdrawing citizenship. Again, against children of undocumented

  • Trump threatens to resume plan to withdraw citizenship from children of undocumented immigrants
  • According to a recent report, the Trump administration is seeking to reactivate a measure proposed by the outgoing president aimed at withdrawing citizenship by birth
  • This executive order would mainly affect the children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States and protected with the 14th amendment of the Constitution.

Trump asks to withdraw citizenship. At the beginning of his term, the outgoing president sought a reform to end citizenship by birth of children of undocumented immigrants.

Now according to The Hill and according to close sources, the president could seek to resume this plan towards the last days of his presidential term.

According to media sources, there is a draft of the order that could be finalized before President-elect Joe Biden assumes the presidency on January 20, 2021.

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The text indicates that the Trump administration recognizes that such measure would be quickly challenged in court. However, despite the fact that many legislators have pointed out that the citizenship of the children of undocumented by birth is protected by the 14th amendment to the Constitution, the courts have not taken a position in this regard.

Trump’s policies for his last days in the White House

According to a statement from the White House Undersecretary of the Press, Judd Deere, Donald Trump has never “shied away” from using his powers as president.

The above, to “promote bold policies and keep promises.” However, the undersecretary indicated that he would not make any additional comments, according to The Hill.

This could be one of Trump’s many actions prior to his departure from the White House on January 20.

Recently the Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, requested “proposals” to push before the end of the Trump term.

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