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Wednesday, December 2

Tony Dandrades suffers spectacular bicycle accident

  • Tony Dandrades worries his followers with publication
  • The correspondent of Primer Impacto suffers a spectacular accident on his bicycle
  • “I’m better and the wounds are healing,” he said on social networks

What a surprise was the followers of Tony Dandrades after he published in his social networks that he had suffered a spectacular accident on his bicycle.

The Dominican journalist, who also works as a correspondent for Primer Impacto, worried his fans by uploading a photo in which blood stains were observed on his left elbow and in some parts of his face.

PHOTO Instagram Tony Dandrades

“That’s how I finished yesterday Saturday, it was a beautiful day for cycling. I’m almost discharged, I’m better and the wounds are healing. But this accident will not prevent me from being present this Tuesday at the unveiling of my mural in Santiago, Dominican Republic ”.

With more than 22,000 “likes”, including several famous people, such as the Argentine actor Julián Gil, the singers Lorenzo Méndez and Jesús Mendoza, as well as the conductors Carlitos Calderón and Rafael Araneda, this publication provoked all kinds of reactions.

The journalist Neida Sandoval said: “Wow, Tony, I hope you get better soon, my friend”, while the journalist also Lourdes del Río said: “Ouch, my friend! Speedy recovery”.

Also, the singer Larry Hernández, who several years ago had a serious bicycle accident, addressed Tony Dandrades: “Courage, mijo and big hug. Take care”.

Good wishes for the speedy recovery of the Dominican journalist continued to be present. Carlitos Calderón expressed himself as follows: “Oh, Tony Dandrades, we are going to give you a tricycle. Take care of yourself little brother ”.

For her part, Clarissa Molina, host of El Gordo y la Flaca, said: “Oh my God, no! I hope you get better soon”.

And although it seemed that this accident had not been so serious, Tony shared more photographs on his social networks …

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