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Monday, November 23

The sexual perversions of Rasputin, the right hand of the Tsar who slept with his wife

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Figure of Rasputin it has always instilled a certain mystery and intrigue. Little is known of his youth, since his greatest recognition would come in the final stage of his life. The desperate Romanov family and the tsar himself, Nicholas II -the last Tsar of Russia-, they did not know who to turn to to treat the hemophilia of their son and heir to the empire.

This is where Rasputin makes his appearance, an illiterate healer of peasant origin whose full name was Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. This mysterious 36-year-old man was said at the time to have the power to alleviate any ailment, including that of the ailing successor to the Tsar.

However, since he was taken in by the Russian royal family in November 1905, the Siberian healer manipulated the rulers of the empire according to his interests. Thanks to his charisma, he had won the favor of the Tsar and the high Russian aristocracy. “Rasputin used his influence in favor of the strongly anti-Semitic Black Hundreds and was instrumental in the removal of Stolypin as Prime Minister.“writes the prestigious British historian Sir Richard Evans in The struggle for power (Review).

Hundreds of Blacks demonstrating in Odessa.

In just a few years, this ignorant and unprepared man had managed to manipulate political power and support conservative movements that rejected the Jews. They actively participated in the many pogroms that plagued the country at the beginning of the century and even in 1911 tried to spread a blood libel against the Jews accusing them of performing ritual crimes in the course of their religious practice.

Meanwhile, “the court was steadily turning towards irrationality.” Rasputin ruled from the shadows and was involved in numerous sex scandals. As the writer and historian Douglas Smith indicates in Rasputin: Faith, Power, and the Twilight of the Romanovs, he belonged to a strange religious sect that embraced the most depraved forms of “sexual perversion”.

This sect was known as jlystĂ˝ and was condemned by the Russian Orthodox Church. In it, ancient Slavic gods related to fertility and desire, such as Yarilo and Rusalka, were worshiped. Likewise, all kinds of sexual practices and collective dances were practiced to later repent and purify their souls.

Rasputin was an assiduous person in these orgies organized by the sect and even a group of nuns denounced that the Tsar’s right hand had bathed with several novices. In fact, Nicholas II himself was affected by the healer’s sexual drive. And it is that Rasputin got to have “a love affair” with Empress Alejandra.

His huge penis

All of Russia spoke of these anecdotes concerning the royal family. One of the details that he never overlooked in the conversations of the inhabitants was the enormous size of his virile member, which he showed without shame in front of women.

Rasputin's corpse on a sledge (1916).

Rasputin’s corpse on a sledge (1916).

Today, his penis continues to fascinate a large part of the Russian population. It is exhibited in the Museum of Eroticism in Saint Petersburg and its length is 25 centimeters. The enigma about when and how they ripped him off is yet to be revealed as he was assassinated in 1916 by Prince Felix Yusupov and a group of right-wingers who wanted to see Rasputin away from the Tsar and the Tsarina.

However, despite having died, the situation in Russia was unsustainable and the working class had gained strength in recent years. The revolution was imminent and the Tsar was not able to prevent it.

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