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The five infos in the retro of Sunday, November 22

Protesters at Place du Trocadéro in Paris against the bill – Jacques Witt / SIPA

If you’ve spent your weekend confined in offline mode, away from your phone or radio, here’s our weekend news cheat sheet to prepare for Monday’s pickup.

1. Macron is preparing to unveil the stages of a gradual deconfinement to save Christmas

Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex, at the Elysée Palace on November 17, 2020. – Ludovic Marin / AP

While the Head of State is due to speak on Tuesday to unveil the next steps in his management of the health crisis, the executive hammers it: deconfinement is not for tomorrow, or even the day after tomorrow. “Today, the level of circulation of the virus in the country is the same as at the time of the curfew. There is no question of deconfining ”, confided the Head of State to JDD this Sunday.

This Tuesday, the Head of State therefore wants above all to give prospects to the French: for Emmanuel Macron, “nothing is worse than uncertainty and the impression of endless gloom.” We therefore need “consistency, clarity, a course. Knowing together where we are going and how to get there ”. Government spokesman Gabriel Attal gave some details on the method in the JDD : The “flexible measures (…) will be carried out in three stages with regard to health trends and the risks associated with certain activities: first around December 1, then before the end of year holidays, then from January 2021 ”.

On Saturday in Dijon, Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed the horizon of a reopening “around December 1” of shops, “but not restaurants and bars”, while maintaining an element of conditionality.

According to official statistics published on Saturday, nearly 300 Covid-19 patients had died in the last 24 hours in France, or 110 less than the day before, and the number of patients in intensive care continued to decline for the 5th consecutive day, Data from the French public health agency (SpF) show 276 deaths in the space of 24 hours in hospitals, against 386 the day before, bringing the number of deaths linked to the coronavirus to 48,518 since the start of the disease. epidemic in France.

On Sunday, the Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Ecological Transition announced that France had in turn for the first time detected the presence of Covid-19 in a mink farm, in Eure-et-Loir. “The slaughter of all 1,000 animals still present on the farm and the elimination of products from these animals” was ordered. Of the four mink farms in the country, one is unharmed and “analyzes are still underway in the last two”, the results of which are expected during the week.

More info : Stop stress, if we do not know where and with whom we will be able to celebrate the end of the year holidays, but one thing is certain: no risk of shortages for our favorite dishes. The explanations of our reporter Romarik Le Dourneuf this way.

2. Gatherings throughout France against the “Global Security” law

Mobilization against
Mobilization against – AFP

“Darmanin, you take your Global Security law and you are out of my sight”. “Stop the police state in motion”. “It’s big blurring of mouth” This Saturday, about 22,000 people, including 7,000 in Paris, gathered in France at the call in particular of journalists’ organizations and the League of Human Rights against the proposal of “Comprehensive security” law, debated in the National Assembly and deemed to infringe “freedom of expression” and “the rule of law”.

In the capital, thousands of demonstrators gathered in the calm Place du Trocadéro in the afternoon to express their fears in the face of this bill which notably regulates the dissemination of images of the police. Around 5 p.m., after the dispersal order issued by the police, the tension gradually rose on the Parisian square. Garbage cans were set on fire and a dozen demonstrators threw projectiles at the police who responded by using water cannons and charging, noted an AFP journalist. Around 7:30 p.m., the square had been almost entirely evacuated by the police. 23 people were arrested, according to the police headquarters.

More info: The proposal for a comprehensive security law, which plans to penalize the dissemination of images of security forces in intervention, makes Dominique Pradalié, the general secretary of the National Union of Journalists (SNJ), jump. His interview with our reporter Aude Lorriaux before the rally on Saturday is to (re) read here.

3. Jonathann Daval sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife Alexia

Jonathann Daval admitted during his trial to have intentionally killed his wife Alexia.  He faces life imprisonment.
Jonathann Daval admitted during his trial to have intentionally killed his wife Alexia. He faces life imprisonment. – AFP

After a week of a hypermedia and eventful trial, the jurors delivered their verdict this Saturday after only two and a half hours of deliberation. Jonathann Daval was sentenced by the Assize Court of Haute-Saône to 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife Alexia. A verdict more lenient than the requisitions of Advocate General Emmanuel Dupic who had asked for life imprisonment.

One of his lawyers, Me Ornella Spatafora, quickly indicated that Jonathann Daval would not appeal the judgment.

“It’s a very good decision, exactly what I was hoping for, at the height of our suffering, it will allow us to turn a page”, greeted a few minutes later in front of journalists Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia’s mother . “It was three years of fighting” carried out “just for her”, and “we have come to the end”, she continued with tears in her eyes and her gaze turned towards the sky, “I hope that none of you, no French will forget it ”. “Justice has done its job well, understood our pain”, added her husband Jean-Pierre Fouillot.

More info: Back in video on the investigation in this case.

4. The legal battle continues in the United States after the presidential election

United States President-elect Joe Biden on November 19, 2020.
United States President-elect Joe Biden November 19, 2020 – Andrew Harnik / AP / SIPA

New defeat for the Trump clan: A judge in the US state of Pennsylvania on Saturday firmly rejected allegations of electoral fraud made by outgoing President Donald Trump, who still denies his defeat in the presidential election. The decision of this magistrate – whose judgment is scathing – paves the way for the certification of the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, which must happen on Monday. An adviser to the elected president also announced on Sunday that he would unveil the first members of his future government (adviser) on Tuesday

As time is running out for Biden’s inauguration on January 20, Trump’s team has been working to prevent the most disputed states from formalizing the poll results, in addition to his numerous legal appeals that have so far failed.

More info: Faced with a galloping epidemic of Covid-19 which has infected 12 million people on its territory, the United States on Saturday authorized urgently an innovative treatment from the firm Regeneron already tried on President Donald Trump.

5. Thomas Rettant takes the lead of the Vendée Globe

Thomas Rettant and LinkedOut set out to storm the Vendée Globe
Thomas Rettant and LinkedOut set out to storm the Vendée Globe – LinkedOut

The Welshman Alex Thomson’s boat, which ceded first place in the Vendée Globe to Frenchman Thomas Rettant overnight from Friday to Saturday, suffers from a “structural problem” requiring repairs, but the skipper is “safe”, announced this Sunday morning his team.

This Sunday the duo made up of the French Thomas Rettant (LinkedOut) and Charlie Dalin (Apivia), widened the gap on the Welshman. In the South Atlantic, off Brazil, towards the southern tip of Africa, Rettant retained the lead of the fleet, 22.6 miles ahead of Dalin.

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