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Wednesday, November 25

Suicide of a young Belgian hairdresser: gathering in Liège in her honor

Liège (Belgium) – Between 200 and 300 people gathered in Liège, Belgium on Sunday to pay tribute to a young hairdresser whose suicide has become the symbol in this country of the plight of independents in the face of the pandemic.

After observing a minute of silence and releasing balloons in front of the station of this Walloon city, the participants in the rally walked to the barber shop of the young woman of 24, behind a banner “Neither forgetting nor forgiveness“.

Alysson, you are essentialone of the participants shouted.

Alysson Jadin, 24, was found dead on Monday, without leaving a written explanation for his gesture, according to the first available elements.

But in his entourage, everyone made the link with the difficulties of his activity caused by the health crisis.

The young woman, whose salon had to close three weeks ago due to confinement, could not bear to have her activity judged “not essential“, according to his relatives.

Unemployed hairdresser, she opened her business in early August. “It’s very complicated morally“, she said on November 10 to the RTL-TVI channel.

The tragedy has caused great emotion in Belgium, a country hard hit by the coronavirus, from Prime Minister Alexander De Croo to filmmaker Luc Dardenne.

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