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Friday, November 27

Sonra Proto Porsche Design: A sneaker as a declaration of love for the 912

“Drive a Porsche once.” That was little Hikmet Sugoer’s dream. (No, that’s not the beginning of a fairy tale. And yes, you’ve come to the right place in my sneaker column.) The Berliner fulfilled his dream at the age of 28, when he was still a student. He put all his savings together and bought a bright red Porsche 912. “Cars were something very special in my generation. They meant great freedom, the first four walls of your own, so to speak, ”says the shoe designer.

Aylin Güler

“For me, cars are not just an everyday item. I also had to have emotions. ”Almost 20 years later, Sugoer chose precisely this car as the inspiration for his collaboration with Porsche Design. A real “dream collaboration” for the father of three who calls himself a “Porsche fanboy”.

Special edition in red

Sugoer has also made rapid progress in the world of sneakers. In 2002 he opened Solebox, a well-known sneaker store in Berlin. After many successful collaborations with, for example, New Balance, Asics, Adidas and Puma, he got out in 2013 and sold Solebox. From then on he devoted himself to his own dream: In 2016, his sneaker brand Sonra was born. The luxury sneakers that Sugoer manufactures according to sustainable criteria stand for quality “Made in Germany”.

Sneaker Designer Hikmet Sugoer

Sneaker Designer Hikmet Sugoer

Image: Johannes Krenzer

Now the Sonra CEO has released another real luxury trainer in a limited edition, the Sonra Proto “Porsche Design Edition”. “This shoe is a declaration of love to my Porsche 912, which has accompanied me in many emotional moments in my life,” says the forty-seven year old. The sneaker takes on the distinctive yet elegant style of the 912 and mixes a slate gray base with red reflections. The colors are reminiscent of Sugoer’s favorite car colors.

The shoe is partly made of vegetable-tanned leather and continues Sonra’s efforts to use environmentally and skin-friendly materials. Naturally grained premium cowhide leather was used for the upper. The shoe can be recognized by the original Porsche 912 lettering. The sneaker made in Germany came out in the Porsche Design online store at the end of October and then also on Sugoer’s website. The limited shoes cost 295 euros per pair. In addition to the regular version, there is a special edition in strong red, reminiscent of the Porsche 912 that he drives himself. This pair goes to the winner of a raffle and is only produced once in the desired size.

Henning Rieseler, Head of Studio Berlin at Studio FA Porsche, has designed several sneakers. “It is extremely exciting for us to show the brand presence even in unconventional environments,” he says of the collaboration. For me it is a beautiful shoe that shows that you should always hold on to your dreams.

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