Sunday, June 20

Sánchez defends the democratic legitimacy of Bildu: “The acronyms that matter are those of PGE”

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The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has assured this Sunday that the acronyms that matter to the Executive “are those of the PGE”, that is, that of the General State Budgets, and has defended that all the parties that supported its processing, among which EH Bildu, represent “democratic Spain” because all were “legitimately” voted for by the Spanish when they were called to the polls.

“Democratic Spain is represented in each and every one of the seats“, has assured in the telematic press conference that has offered in Moncloa after the Summit of the G20, when being asked about the controversy that has been generated by the support of the abertzale formation to the public accounts.

According to Sánchez, the important thing, and what the Government is going to focus on, is the approval of the Budgets, because after “two years of blockade”, it is necessary to have a new budget framework and new instruments to deal with the unprecedented health, economic and social emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

And in these circumstances, he has assured that it is “very good news for Spain” that last week they managed to get Congress to reject the amendments in full with a parliamentary majority of 198 deputies, from 13 different political forces, in which he has qualified as an “unpublished” vote.

Good news

In fact, he has ensured that not even when the socialist “Felipe González had more than 200 seats was such a vote to process the Budgets.” “Bad that some, those 198 seats in which different parties of the left and right are represented represent the Spain legitimately voted by the Spanish when they were called to the polls “, has affirmed next.

“There are 198 deputies who said yes. That message is resounding, clear and very positive for the set of Spanish society“, he added, before noting, however, that” the acronyms that matter to this Government are the acronyms of PGE: General State Budgets. “

In addition, he has claimed the “attitude of dialogue” of the Government to achieve that large majority, taking into account the moment of great parliamentary fragmentation that exists. “We have to be forced to speak to many parliamentary forces“, he has added.

“13 different forces have said yes to the Budget debate. Therefore, management management, management. The important thing is the approval of the Budgets “, has emphasized, at the time that has indicated that after this objective, the Government also pursues those of giving” political stability “and approving a modernization and transformation agenda.

On the other hand, he has stated that he thinks “fatal” That occurs tributes to ETA prisoners in the Basque Country and that they are protected by the nationalist left, when asked about the specific case of Galdácano (Vizcaya), where Bildu governs.

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