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Sunday, November 29

“Peseta solidaria”: old coins to fight hunger

Pesetas, duros … the youngest do not remember the old Spanish currency, but many inhabitants still have it at home, whether they forgot to change it or they keep it out of nostalgia. coins and old banknotes can however still be converted into euros, and the association “Solidarity peseta“decided to put it to good use.

To donate your old currency, you just need to register on the association’s website. The members then collect the coins directly from the inhabitants, then change them into euros. The money is then donated to the Food Bank.

For the founder of the association, Laura Blanco, it is a “noble and generous” way of getting rid of her old pesetas: “Despite the crisis, people want to give something to others, and maybe they don’t have euros, but they have pesetas, and that’s one way to help. There’s this lady who lives in Getafe, and who had a collection of banknotes that hersister__ had left for her children. Or this man had heard about us, but who has neither Internet nor mail, nor anything. He called the food bank and said “I have eight kilos of coins, I would like to donate them“.

There would still be 1.6 billion euros in pesetas in Spanish homes. This is why the government has extended the deadline for converting them into euros, from December 2020 to September 2021. This is welcomed by the organization “Peseta Solidaria”, because it will give them more time to develop their initiative.

The aim of the association is to collect 12 million euros. An essential aid for the food bank, which saw its demand increase by 40% this year due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The profile of the people helped has also changed a lot, as Mila Benito, Marketing Director of the Food Bank explains: “_These are people who work and who are in poverty, which is even worse, because they have so many salaries. low that they can’t make ends meet. Several times I have spoken to people who have told me that they are volunteers at the food bank and that they help others, but now they are calling because that they need this help. And there is an additional problem, that there was the 2008 crisis, so there are no more savings in the families. “

Even before the pandemic, 350,000 people lived in poverty in Madrid alone. The Food Bank fears that this situation will continue to worsen in the coming months.


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