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Thursday, November 26

Nicolas Sarkozy’s wiretapping trial opens on Monday: a shared friendship and interests

He will be present, Monday, November 23, from the opening of his trial before the Paris Criminal Court. Fired for corruption and influence peddling – a first in the history of the Ve Republic – in the so-called “eavesdropping” affair, Nicolas Sarkozy dreams of scattering adversity. At his side, on the bench, there will be his historic lawyer, Thierry Herzog, dismissed for the same facts, but also the high magistrate Gilbert Azibert, the one through whom everything happened. The former Advocate General balks, for medical reasons, to travel for this trial, which could well begin with a suspension of the hearing.

A trio cemented by a flagship notion, in Sarkozy land: friendship. Nicolas Sarkozy has a real affection for the one he calls ” his friend “, Thierry Herzog. The latter worships in return “His Nicolas”, which he nicknames ” the Sphinx “ ; they took the oath together at the age of 21 and never really lost sight of each other. He was involved in all his legal fights.

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And then there is Gilbert Azibert, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, Rachida Dati period (2007-2009), then propelled to the Court of Cassation, as Advocate General, to the Civil Chamber. Azibert, a right-wing magistrate, one of whose great friends is none other than… Me Thierry Herzog. The lawyer allowed him to meet Nicolas Sarkozy personally – a lunch will even be organized in the Parisian offices of the former head of state – and also to attend a Carla Bruni-Sarkozy concert backstage.

A third line

The trio is thus constituted, and we would not understand anything about this affair if we did not integrate this strong emotional relationship, on the basis of shared interests, which binds them, one to the other, a constant moreover in the sarkozyst universe.

Here we are in 2013, and Nicolas Sarkozy is still struggling to extricate himself from the sprawling Bettencourt affair. The judges got their hands on his presidential agendas, between 2007 and 2012, documents that the former head of state considers covered by presidential immunity. He therefore challenges their seizure before the Court of Cassation. The upcoming decision of the senior magistrates, scheduled for March 11, 2014, is essential for its judicial future. Indeed, these agendas could then be used against Nicolas Sarkozy in the Tapie cases – the arbitration at 405 million euros – or in the investigation into the supposed illegal financing by Libya of its victorious campaign, in 2007. Two investigations carried out by the obstinate judge Serge Tournaire, who therefore dares, in 2013, in all confidentiality he then believes, to place Nicolas Sarkozy on judicial wiretaps.

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