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Saturday, December 5

“Monsieur Murot’s vacation”: Ulrich Tukur shines in a grandiose double role

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“Monsieur Murot’s vacation” is not just reminiscent of a classic. The new HR crime scene with Ulrich Tukur is one itself.

  • The ARD shows the new HR crime scene „Die Ferien des Monsieur Murot“.
  • The crime scene with Ulrich Tukur pays homage to the French film classic by Jacques Tati.
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The crime scene shortly before its 50th birthday has its mystifying phase. After Professor Boerne was able to (had to) inspect himself and his family from the outside as almost-dead and a horror house taught the Dresden inspectors and at least the more terrified among us, he met HR investigator yourself in the summer in the Taunus.

“Monsieur Murot’s vacation”: The new crime scene with Ulrich Tukur is melancholy

In his other life he’s a car dealer by all means, and after a torrent of car dealer chatter, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the man fears his wife will kill him. Or yes, it surprises you. For what would happen if all women mixed poison into their talkative husbands’ food? A better, quiet world in which significantly fewer cars would be sold?

That’s not said, especially since this one crime scene is not loud in the strict sense either. He is melancholy. It is thought-provoking to encounter yourself in another life, even if you then spend hours talking about cars and drinking wine with your twin. The car dealer asks at the beginning Cereals also whether he is death. The car dealer is not without it, or: if you talk a lot, you sometimes hit a crucial point.

Ulrich Tukur shines in “The Holidays of Monsieur Murot” in a double or triple role

The secret of the incredible resemblance between the two men (they read Erich Kästner themselves and make the appropriate jokes) is not clarified in the film. We out here already know it’s because Ulrich Tukur can be seen in a grandiose double role, which is actually a triple role: Tukur plays Murot, who is on vacation in the Taunus, he plays the car dealerwho will not survive the drunken and sluggish night, and finally he plays Cerealswho is now playing that he is the one car dealer.

At first it happens by chance. As Cereals realizes that the car dealer is dead, he takes advantage of the perfect undercover investigation. You have to say that he just wants it. On the postcard to colleague Magda Wächter, Barbara Philipp, he wrote quite unsuspectingly how good it was for him to escape the familiar space.

Ulrich TukurFelix Murot
Barbara PhilippMagda Guardian
Anne Ratte-PolleMonika Boenfeld
Thorsten MertenPeter Lessing
Carina WieseBirgit Lessing
Michael HanemannGeorg Heiss
Moritz FührmannRobert Blaske

HR-Tatort as an homage to Jaques Tati: “Monsieur Murot’s holidays” with Ulrich Tukur

Obviously, this is where the most fabulous narrative possibilities open up and two Cereals– Debutants – writer Ben Braeunlich and co-writer and director Grzegorz Muskala – use all of them without wearing them out. Jacques Tati’s film „Die Ferien des Monsieur Hulot“ from 1953 resonates ostensibly in the title, in the background in the basic atmosphere, timelessly old-fashioned holiday mood. Brownish and muskala transfer Tati’s homage to a curious persistence discreetly to what is left of today. Pay attention to the interiors and women’s wardrobes.

From now on, split-screen postcards from the Taunus will be in high demand. A fountain pen will appear on some wish lists that are still written with a pen (however: fountain pens are capricious if you only devote a vague nostalgia to them and do not have enough time). There are also numerous Tati-Details, Murot’s white suit, the humorous role played by differently shaped cars, or the unorthodox-looking but highly efficient serve game Murots.

Cereals plays tennis? There was no telling, and the scene is so gorgeous that you can’t Mr. Hulot must have in mind in order to find great joy in it.

To the broadcast

“Scene of the crime: Monsieur Murot’s vacation”, ARD, Sun., 8:15 p.m.

“Tatort” today: location, actors, reviews too „Die Ferien des Monsieur Murot“ (giessener-allgemeine.de *)

With “Monsieur Murot’s Holidays”, HR contributes a real classic to the crime scene series

But now again: the melancholy, the thoughtfulness. It is, in a closer sense, a sad life into which Cereals gets into it. The car dealer’s wife, Anne Ratte-Polle, is a distraught piano teacher. The student’s raindrop prelude splashes down slowly while she dreams of a completely different type of music (her own, here by Bertram Denzel). But she is actually a likeable woman, Cerealswho timidly slides into the unfamiliar double bed next to her, notices that too. The triumphant tennis match makes her laugh for the first time. Yes, this scene is going to get famous. Hopefully the sales talk scene will also become famous, Murot as a car dealer and the 94-year-old actress Ruth Rupp as a daring customer.

The HR has to crime scene-Series contributed another real classic. It is possible to watch it again immediately at a profit. Perhaps you now notice that the vacationers Cereals Poe’s doppelganger story “William Wilson” reads. (Judith von Sternburg) * giessener-allgemeine.de is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network


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