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Tuesday, December 1

Marie Antoinette Collins suffers because her cat was killed

  • Marie Antoinette Collins shares unexpected news
  • The journalist and host of Univisión suffers because her cat was killed
  • “Yesterday a heartless being killed her,” she expressed on social networks

In the middle of 2020, acts of this type continue to occur. The journalist and host of Univisión, María Antonieta Collins, shares unexpected news: her cat was killed.

It was through his official account Instagram, where it has more than 280 thousand followers, that Marie Antoinette Collins made this unfortunate fact known.

PHOTO Instagram Marie Antoinette Collins

“I cannot believe that I will not see her again and that she will not wait for me any more at the entrance to the Newsport,” said the journalist about her cat, which for some was Kiru and for others it was Misu.

After confessing that she and her family loved the cat since they arrived at their new home almost ten years ago, she said something that no one would want to hear if it were a pet:

“Yesterday a soulless being killed her there in the place where she trusted the most, where she received everyone, where she passed storms and hurricanes safe from that, but not from human evil.”

Almost to finish, the journalist wanted to thank several people who accompanied her cat during her life, apart from recognizing Lucy and Martha “for being the pious hands that picked her up when whoever took her life left her dumped there.”

“She was not a kitten without an owner … She belonged to everyone, Newsport was her home and today I still have the pain that her time is over and she is gone.”

Finally, Marie Antoinette Collins wanted to address the person who killed her cat: “She took from those of us who loved her so much, a piece of joy.”

“From kitty heaven, my girl Kiri Kiri, please continue to take care of us … Amen.”

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