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Monday, November 23

Ivanka Trump: childhood friend unwraps – Donald Trump is narcissistic and misogynistic

  • Ivanka Trump: childhood friend unwraps – Donald Trump is narcissistic and misogynistic 

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A childhood friend of Ivanka Trump speaks up. Her revelations provide shocking insights into the world of Donald Trump.

  • Ivanka Trump: One girlfriend from childhood gives insights into the world of Donald Trump.
  • Donald Trump: The voted out US President made opposite Ivanka Trumps childhood friend apparently sexist remarks.
  • US election 2020: Confidante of Ivanka gives one insightwhat the daughter from Donald Trump really thinks.

New York – Another reveal from a close confidante of the elected US President Donald Trump makes in the USA Headlines. After the revelations about Melania Trump reports Lysandra Ohrstrom, a childhood friend of Ivanka Trump from the joint school days at a private school in Manhattan, for a word.

The former best friend of Ivanka Trump unpacks about the president’s daughter. (Archive image)


In an article in the American edition of “Vanity Fair”, the former “best friend” reports on Ivanka Trump about their relationship with the Trump-Daughter and also gives inside views of family life Donald Trumps price.

Donald Trump revelations: Ivanka Trump’s childhood friend with anecdotes

Even then showed Donald Trump apparently narcissistic and misogynistic traits: That’s how it turned out Donald Trump never remembered the name of the friend from childhood, but asked again and again at encounters whether Ivanka the prettiest girl in the class. Later Donald Trump got noticed with comments about Lysandra’s body.

So stayed Ivanka Trump’s confidante especially an event in memory: Donald Trump Jr. took something from her plate. Donald Trumps then commented: “Don’t worry. She doesn’t need that. You’re doing her a favor. ”An obvious comment on her figure and a form of body shaming that Donald Trump already noticed more often.

Nevertheless, the former girlfriend also paints an ambivalent picture of Ivanka Trump, which gives the report credibility: On the one hand, she showed up before their wedding Jared Kushner as a very generous friend who also made her apartment available when her best friend was in town and introduced her to important people.

Ivanka Trump: That’s what the friend from the youth says about Donald Trump’s daughter

Especially at the end of their friendship, however, Ivanka and her had an increasingly contrary worldview. So have Ivanka Trump Her friend, who spent some time as a journalist in Lebanon, asked about a tattoo with her name in Arabic script on her back: “How does your Jewish friend feel when you have sex and the tattoo jumps in his face? It screams terrorist. ”Supposed to Ivanka have said about it.

Donald Trump’s daughter: Ivanka Trump’s former best friend is now unpacking

There was a real break after Ivankas wedding with Jared Kushner given: After Lysandra that one day after Ivankas wedding got a new job, helped with the wedding preparations for weeks, she expected her best friend to ask how things are going. She has this Ivanka also accused in a text message. Ivankas response to it was apparently something like: “Ly, I’m too busy for this shit.” (“Ly, I’m too busy for this shit.”)

Ivanka Trump: Familiar makes it clear how little Ivanka really cares about the Americans

Besides these memories from the life of the jewelry designer and presidential advisor Ivanka Trump An anecdote joins in that shows how little Ivanka Trump worried about the worries and needs of the Americans. Lysandra have her the book Empire Falls from Richard Russo Recommended, which won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize and is about the life of a restaurant manager in a working class community in Maine. Ivanka Trumps reaction: “Ly, why are you telling me to read a book about poor people? Why do you think I care? “

Donald Trump: Former best friend paints an accurate picture of Ivanka Trump

As a former best friend Ivanka TrumpSince 2016 she has had countless requests for an interview or a revelation about the Trumpget s. So far, however, she feared the reactions of Donald Trump and have therefore kept silent. Ivanka Trump is still for the voted out US presidents, her father Donald Trump in action and never tire of repeating the allegations of systematic electoral fraud. The claims of Donald Trump and his followers after the defeat against Joe Biden both US elections 2020 were rejected as unfounded and unfounded and sharply criticized by international election observers and official bodies.

The elected US President Donald Trump in the White House. (Archive photo)

© Alex Brandon/dpa

Ivanka Trump: This is how Donald Trump’s daughter should really be

Last cared Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner for a stir, because the Corona rules were not observed in their children’s school and the children together are therefore no longer allowed to attend school. Also from her old environment in the high society of New York City more and more are leaving Donald Trumps daughter and her husband Jared Kushner at a distance, as her former best friend also writes. Among the former friends: inside who differed from Ivanka Trump and distance from the politics of her father, the daughter of counts too Hillary and Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton.

Donald Trumps got from his first marriage with Ivana Trump Next Ivanka Trump nor the sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump . The daughter comes from a second marriage Tiffany Trump. From his marriage to Melania Trump comes another son – the fourteen-year-old Barron Trump. (Delia Friess)


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