Tuesday, May 18

He bought a car and they seized it 30 seconds later for not insuring it

  • Bad news for a driver: He bought a car and it was impounded 30 seconds later.
  • Police confirmed that the driver actually bought a car and officers impounded it in less than a minute for not having insurance.
  • The owner who bought a car and was seized in seconds almost collided with a police car.

Although it seems like a joke, it is real. A driver bought a car and was seized 30 seconds later for not insuring it.

A man bought a silver Renault Megane and in less than 1 minute some officers seized it for not having insurance after they demanded the documents after almost colliding with a patrol, they reported Fox News Y Autoevolution.

The peculiar incident occurred on Wednesday in Northampton, Northamptonshire, in England, Autoevolution said on Sunday.

The driver had just gotten behind the wheel of his new Renault Megane when he lost control and narrowly crashed into a police vehicle, Fox News explained.

Officers ordered the Renault to be stopped and, upon inspection, discovered that the driver had indeed just bought it, but had not secured it. So the newly bought Renault was seized after the strange incident in Northampton.

In your account at TwitterNorthampton Hub Specials published images of the seized car when it was already mounted on a tow truck.

“This vehicle almost ran into our engine. The driver then told officers that he had purchased the car 30 seconds ago and for once this was true. Unfortunately he risked not insuring it. And well, everyone knows what happens next … # Seized “, wrote the authorities on Twitter.

According to Fox News, after the incident, users on social networks were quick to make jokes about the driver.

According to Fox News, user Brendan Harris said on Facebook: “It must be a record!”


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