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Tuesday, November 24

Harry and Meghan cede their royal residence to a cousin of the prince

They are not going to return. After their departure for the North American continent, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have decided not to leave their home uninhabited. As the relay The Sun and Sky News, they ceded the Frogmore Cottage, a royal residence not far from Windsor Castle, to the pregnant Princess of York Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank.

The latter, who is the daughter of Prince Andrew, and therefore the cousin of Prince Harry, does not become the owner of the recently renovated house: the residence remains in the hands of Meghan and Harry. Before their departure across the Atlantic, the two spouses had also not failed to repay their money for the costly renovations of Frogmore Cottage: 2.4 million pounds, or nearly 4.2 million Canadian dollars.

The details of the agreement with Princess Eugenie remain secret, but the removal trucks were rather quick. According to Sun, boxes containing Harry and Meghan’s belongings left for the United States. The Princess of York and her husband have been installed for nearly two weeks.

Frogmore Cottage was gifted by Queen Elizabeth to Harry and Meghan in April 2018 shortly before their wedding. Last January, the couple announced that he was withdrawing from his royal duties.

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