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Thursday, December 3

Borussia Dortmund: Moukoko’s great luck is called Haaland

DErling Haaland had to face probably the hardest task of the day when most of his teammates had already disappeared into the dressing room. The Borussia Dortmund striker was asked which of his four goals was the most beautiful after the 5-2 win at Hertha BSC. Haaland pondered briefly before attempting an analysis in front of the cameras of the streaming channel Dazn. “Well, the first was preceded by a nice move. At the second everyone thought it was offside at first, I liked that too. The third … “, Haaland began the sentence, before he waved off:” Oh, I like them all. “Whatever else. which of his children he likes best.

Before that, it had been much easier for him to take apart Hertha’s defense. For Haaland 85 minutes was enough, although that is not entirely correct. There were only 40 in which he dismantled Hertha BSC into all its individual parts. In the first half he was unusually lavish with his opportunities, only after the break did the storm turn up and initially hit three times in a row. With this hat trick he gave his team a 3-1 lead. Later he was successful again, to 5: 2, only 44 seconds after Hertha had cut it to 2: 4. Then coach Lucien Favre took him off the field.

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