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Monday, November 23

Barkok stabs, Ilse clears away, Kamada disappointed – the players in the individual review

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Eintracht separates from Leipzig with 1: 1: The FR rating of the individual players.

Good at it

Kevin Trapp: Extremely safe, held everything there was to hold and maybe a little more. Important rescue act against Poulsen two minutes before the end. Safe even with your foot. Round thing.

Stefan Ilsanker: Strong as a bear in front of the defense, cleared everything that was cleared. Wherever the ball was, it poked, straddled, disrupted, destroyed. Pushed the team loudly. In terms of football, not everything was easy, but that’s the way it is.

Evan Ndicka: Played like he’d never been away. With a beer quiescent, serene, confident. Simply good.

It’s okay

Aymen Barkok: Goalscorer to make it 1-0, he asserted himself well and finished cool. I tried hard, wanted to set accents, but it wasn’t nearly everything. Still looks more adult, the general direction is right.

Filip Kostic: Not quite the same as before, of course, took a few breaks. And yet it is the power, the dynamism and the determination that the team lacked. A class better than any substitute in his position. With three or four promising breakthroughs on the left, once he failed from an acute angle to Gulacsi (47th). Can happen.

David Abraham: At the beginning with great difficulty, when the ball came into play, he sprinkled in some frivolous bad passes. Got up, defensively a bank. Fast as a greyhound, even at 34, with the highest average speed of all players (32.73 km / h).

Martin Hinteregger: In the first section with rustic duels against Sorloth, which he mostly won. Otherwise not always fully up to par, one step too late against Poulsen when equalizing, which was difficult to defend. Many return passes on Keeper Trapp.

Erik Durm: With light and shadow, but much better than expected after such a long break. Was active, didn’t seem unsure about the lack of match practice. Now and then you just noticed that the automatisms were missing, but he made up for that with a lot of effort, also with the help of a few slides. Won the most tackles of all players (13). At the crucial moment, however, too hesitant, too far away from Angelino on the cross before the equalizer.

So lala

Djibril Sow: Busy with bees, as always when he is allowed to play. Runs the most, 12.5 kilometers. Also with a top speed of 34.11 km / h. Pretty quick. Once, shortly before the end, with an important running duel against Forsberg. In terms of football, however, it hardly took place, as a liaison player that is not enough. Should trust himself more when he has the ball. The position is too important to be on the ball so rarely or to play so many safety passes.


André Silva: It was damn hard up there in the sandwich of the Leipziger Abwehrhünen, because you can get grated. But it worked flawlessly, tried a lot, even if very little succeeded. Rarely on the ball, but once, after 78 minutes, he almost landed the lucky punch, but Gulacsi was able to defuse his shot from close range with the tip. Bad luck.

Daichi Kamada: A little exhausted from the international game trip, with a grueling departure, arrived in Frankfurt overnight. Perhaps that’s why it’s hard to see, rarely shaping the game. Can do a lot more. Rightly exchanged.

Dominik Kohr: Ironically, the midfielder exchanged for Kamada managed even less than the Japanese. Almost every pass ended up with the opponent, a very unfortunate idea. So you are not recommended for the starting XI.

Came too late

Bas dost (dur / kil)

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