Wednesday, August 4

Ángela Aguilar Tik Tok: The young man impresses with a voice in the video

  • Singer Ángela Aguilar does a duet through Tik Tok and pleases with her voice
  • The young man named Rubén Berumen delights many Internet users
  • They both sang Angela and Christian Nodal’s song, ‘Tell me how you want’

Angela Aguilar Tik Tok. Through the Tik Tok application, a young man is pleasing the world of social networks with his voice, and it is through the app He performed a duet with the singer Ángela Aguilar and he does not ask anyone for anything.

The young man named Rubén Berumen sang along with the talented singer, daughter of Pepe Aguilar, and both did the duet of the recently released song by Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar, ‘Tell me how you want.’

After hearing the voice of the young man, several Internet users were pleased and began to leave their positive comments for Rubén, who is undoubtedly very talented.


“This is the Mexican talent that should be supported, not just any youtuber who thinks he is a singer”, mentioned a user who liked the voice of the young Rubén. Another netizen commented: “Everyone talking about Angela and I was amazed at the guy’s talent.”


Many users believe that the two young men used the Autotune which is an audio processor that is used very constantly in this Tik Tok application.

“Wow, this girl sings super well, she doesn’t use or use the Autotune,” commented another follower, mentioning this time Angela Aguilar, who she always impresses with a beautiful voice.

“It seems that they sing the same as the original video”, “this is singing, not like some youtubers who think they sing”, “what a beautiful voice”, “what a father that you also do duets with your fans”, “she is talent throughout the description of the word, “” they sing just like the original song, “were some of the comments made by the followers.


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