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Lourdes Munguía appears without clothes from a bathroom

  • Lourdes Munguía celebrates having reached 300 thousand followers on Instagram
  • The Mexican actress appears without clothes from her bathtub
  • “How rich is my doll”, express users

A few days after turning 60 years old, Mexican actress Lourdes Munguía appears without clothes from her bathtub to celebrate that she reached 300 thousand followers in Instagram.

“Thanks to you… we are already 300,000! I love you! “, Lourdes Munguía expressed to accompany this sensual image that is available on her social networks.

PHOTO Instagram Lourdes Munguía

With her back to the camera, the Mexican actress shows off her delineated figure while posing in profile, at the same time as she prepares to enjoy a delicious bath. A bouquet of red roses adorns this photograph that has more than 30 thousand likes.

One of her best friends, the Costa Rican actress and singer Maribel Guardia, complimented her beauty by expressing “wow, wow,” to which someone else took the opportunity to propose that she give her fans a similar photo for Christmas.

It didn’t take long for Lourdes Munguía’s fans to fill her with compliments and something else: “Dear God, I love you”, “Charming, beautiful lady, you are the most beautiful”, “What photo will be at 600?” , “Super beautiful”.

A follower did not resist and so expressed the Mexican actress, who was born on December 12, 1960: “How rich is my doll.”

For his part, one person made an unseemly proposal: “Let him turn for the followers”, while someone else went a bit out of line when he saw Lourdes Munguía without clothes: “I want to see you, but in my home as you are ”.

“Bella, I don’t want to imagine when we are 600,000”, “Can I take a bath with you?”, “You are like wine”, “How rich you are”, “Don’t invent, you look beautiful! Every time I love you more ”, you can read in more comments.

Finally, an Internet user showed his little education: “That all mad… presume that your grandmother is a cause for chaq… and lust! The truth!”.

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