Sunday, March 7

Despite cancellations and counter demonstrations: stone throwing and arrests at Corona demo in Leipzig

AThis Saturday too, people gathered in many places in Germany to express their protest against the current Corona measures. After the short-term cancellation of a rally by critics of the Corona measures in Leipzig, there were unauthorized spontaneous meetings. According to the police, a number of people in the three-digit range wanted to participate in the area of ​​the market and Große Fleischergasse as well as Windmühlenstraße.

The police had to tell participants and counter-demonstrators apart. In the city center, the opposing camps met again and again until the early evening, as the police announced on Twitter. “In the Große Fleischergasse area, there are still two protest camps facing each other. Our colleagues separate them & prevent such a meeting ”, it said. Participants from the camp of the opponents of the Corona measures tried to push towards St. Thomas Church, reported the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”. However, the group did not get far. The police were on duty with a large number, the situation was at times confusing.

In the evening the police reported that two people were in the vicinity of the demonstrations
were arrested. In the city area, 18 crimes were also found during the operation, according to the Leipzig police department. It is about bodily harm and breaches of the peace. Nine suspects have been identified. The police initially did not provide any further information.

44 reprimands were issued and 113 notifications were made for violations of the Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance. According to the police, after an attack on a journalist, a complaint was made ex officio against unknown persons. According to the police, there have also been isolated attacks on emergency services in
Form of throwing stones. A final balance will probably only be possible on Sunday, the spokesman said. Among other things, an officer was slightly injured during the operation.

“We have the chance that it will stay calm”

“Our goal now has to be to prevent violent clashes,” said a police spokesman, as seen in a video in the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”. Leipzig’s Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung spoke of a “cat and mouse game”. There is a tense situation that the police have well under control, said the SPD politician. “We have the chance that it will remain calm.” He also spoke of a completely different situation than the Leipzig “lateral thinking” demonstration two weeks ago, which got out of hand, and a well-coordinated strategy between the police and the assembly authorities .

The announced rally by critics of the Corona policy was surprisingly canceled in the afternoon, although hundreds of people were already there. The meeting leader of the rally in the city center withdrew his registration after the assembly authorities had not accepted his “incomplete mask release certificate”, according to police. The police had previously cordoned off access because the space with 500 people had reached its maximum capacity. All persons who wanted to take part in the gathering on Kurt-Masur-Platz were asked to leave the area.

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