Wednesday, February 24

Dallas crime: Dallas Police Department cries out for help

  • The Dallas Police Department called on the governor of Texas to support them in fighting violent crimes
  • Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, sent agents to help fight gangs and drug trafficking
  • In addition, the Texas Rangers will assist the authorities in Dallas to solve 220 violent homicides.

The Dallas Police Department (DPD, for its acronym in English) asked the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, before the increase in crime.

Abbott decided to respond to the request of Reneé Hall, head of the DPD and sent reinforcements with agents of the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPDS) to alleviate the increase in crime in Dallas.

TxDPS agents will patrol the streets of Dallas starting this Thursday, November 19, in collaboration with DPS agents in neighborhoods of the city where crime is growing exponentially.

According to the statistics of the DPD itself, consulted by MundoHispánicoAs of Friday, November 13, the city had already witnessed 220 homicides, which surpassed the record of 210 that occurred last year.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson backed his police department’s request to the Texas governor and said at a press conference that right now “all hands are needed” to respond to the crisis.

Greg Abbott, in a statement, said Wednesday that in addition to the TxDPS patrols he will also send state detectives from the Texas Rangers to assist the DPD.

“Our mission is to reduce crime and protect the community in Dallas,” Abbott said of his decision.

In addition to TxDPS patrols and Texas Rangers detectives, the governor decided to send crime trend analysts to prevent crime in Dallas.

Authorities in Dallas are focused on solving violent crimes such as the 220 homicides they have already carried out so far this year. (PHOTO: Dallas Police Department)

However, the governor’s office declined to explain to MundoHispánico in Texas exactly how many agents will be dispatched to Dallas.

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