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Donald Trump not finished yet? Which states could be dangerous to Joe Biden

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Donald Trump is suing the result of the 2020 US election in numerous states. These lawsuits hardly promise success – unless individual state parliaments now attribute the victory to Trump.

  • Donald Trump lost the 2020 US election, which he still does not want to recognize.
  • Republican-run state parliaments could Trump to be declared the winner despite the defeat.
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Update from Thursday, November 19, 2020, 5 p.m .: Donald Trump announced on Twitter that his legal team would give a press conference at 6 p.m. German time. These are intended to show a “very clear and feasible way” to turn the election result in favor of Trump. The president spread during the election campaign for 2020 US election Lots of rumors, misleading representations and fake news for the security of choice. He still doesn’t want to acknowledge his defeat.

Trump’s lawyers, including New York’s former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, have so far failed to achieve any resounding success with their lawsuits in various states. Legal experts assume that it will stay that way. Joe Biden won the election in all US states with an undoubted majority.

Doesn’t protect against corona: Trump mask of a fan who protests in Minnesota against his defeat

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Donald Trump: Cheering over partial success in Michigan comes too early

First report from Tuesday, November 19, 2020, 2.40 p.m .: The attempt, Biden victory in Michigan stealing by rejecting the County Wayne election result was, after all, just a puff – with the strategy behind it, it could Trump but now also in other US states against his legitimate defeat in the field.

Two of the four members of the electoral body for Wayne County, a district in southwest Michigan, had initially voted against the acceptance of the election result determined there. The two members of the Republican Party justified this with irregularities in the election statistics of individual constituencies in the county. Donald Trump and his allies already counted the blockade as a victory than both republican gave in to another meeting of the committee and accepted the result.

Takes the states in a pincer: Donald Trump, outgoing President of the USA

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Partial success in Michigan for US President Donald Trump was short-lived

These are now trying to withdraw their vote already cast, as the “Washington Post“Reported. They would have agreed to the result in Wayne County only with the prospect that the Secretary of State of Michigan, Jocelyn Benson, would take into account the resolution passed with him to re-examine results in constituencies with statistical irregularities. Jocelyn Benson, member of the Democrats, has already rejected this resolution. It is not binding. One of the two Republican members of the electoral body now says that she basically did not want to prevent “the inevitable” with her blockade.

For Donald Trump there are other ways to annul the election result and even to be declared the winner instead. The state’s electoral body will take place next Monday (23.11.2020) Michigan together to accept the result of the count – or to set up a blockade here, too, because half of the body at the state level is made up of members of the Republican Party.

Could Donald Trump steal the election with the help of individual states from Joe Biden?

That would turn into Michigan open a door for the state senate to win the election Donald Trump attributable to. This is made possible by a regulation in the Election Counting Act, which provides that if the voters fail to make a clear choice, the Senate may determine the electorate. In the US news medium “ABC News“Says a law professor at the University of California at Irvine about the legitimacy of such a coup by the Senate. This would lie outside of legal justifications and would be an act of pure power politics.

The elected US President Donald Trump has shown several times in the past that he does not feel bound by applicable law. He now has until December 8 to put pressure on state parliaments with a Republican majority in those states in which Joe Biden who won the so-called “Popular Vote”, the election by votes. An adviser to Trump has already tweeted openly about this strategy.

In the past, Trump’s campaign team had always distanced itself from the possibility of invalidating the election result by influencing the Senate.

Republican MPs refuse to support Trump in his illegal scheme

To the Republican faction in the Senate of Michigan can Trump but probably not hope. The local majority leader of the republicanMike Shirkey dismissed the idea: “This is not going to happen,” he said in the local newspaper “Bridge Michigan“. One of his spokesmen confirmed this on the grounds that the Senate, too, was legally only allowed to use the popular vote as a guide. This has Joe Biden Won with more than 146 thousand votes.

Also in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin where respectively republican hold the majority in the Senate, resistance is formed against the idea of ​​depriving the voters of their election and Trump to declare the winner. Trump’s party colleagues do not want to become the compliant henchmen of a president who seems to have renounced the democratic process.

Donald Trump and team fail in judges in Pennsylvania

As in other states, the campaign team of Donald Trump also in Pennsylvania against the election result. A judge on the Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania asked them Thursday morning to delegate the selection of electors for Electoral College to the state legislature. These are the Senate and the House of Representatives, the latter is functionally comparable to the state parliaments in Germany. The Reuters news agency quotes a law professor who does not consider the lawsuits pending in Pennsylvania to stand a chance. According to the preliminary count, Biden won the state by around 82,000 votes

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