Wednesday, March 3

The 10 tips from the engineer who betrayed the industry to avoid being ripped off with food

Trained as an agri-food engineer, the Frenchman Christophe Brusset held management positions in the food industry for decades: purchasing manager, product manager and even broker, a function that we usually associate more with the financial sectors than with the food sector. But the reality, as he describes himself after his fall from the horse and her becoming an activist for healthy and sustainable nutrition, it’s about the same thing: large companies hunting for profit, sacrificing along the way if quality, ethics and the health of their customers are needed.

And it is precisely the horses, involuntary protagonists of the horsegate, the scandal of adulteration with equine meat from products that were allegedly veal, those who encouraged Brusset, according to account, to go to the other side and denounce the excesses of the industry of which he himself was part. He did it with his first book, How can you eat that!, which is now continuing with And now what do we eat? [Península Atalaya].

In its pages we will find anecdotes about how he managed to “place” part of about 1,500 tons of Chinese tomato concentrate “sour”, “brown” and “with the smell of a tire” thanks to his expertise that, to the relief of your employer, thousands of people ate in Europe. It goes without saying that Brusset is a controversial figure: no matter how ashamed he may be about his past outrages, he has never denounced with names and surnames those allegedly responsible for the crimes against public health he witnessed, not even now that he has disassociated himself from the industry.

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